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More scrambled…

M – So, instead of changing to (it didn’t increase my storage), I have gone from to (click to follow along and go to the ongoing blog.



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All mixed up

M – I am not vacationing from posting. In fact, important steps are being missed, such as Lemon’s (almost) talking, Mango’s tower building, Nectarine’s interest in (fake) reading (she’s bought a book or two already).

I am transitioning from to (ran out of space here to add more pictures).

See you soon (hopefully)


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On the move

M – **Once again, the stuff under the line is from an unpublished post from August 6th, 2014**

Since then, times have changed, people have grown, there’ve been a month more of living and exploring going on. We made a list of things we wanted to do over the summer. Even though there were 21 objectives, we only missed 6 of them:

  • a sleepover at Oma & Opa’s house
  • going to a petting farm (they watch a shearing and get a sample of the wool, have a chance to do some milking, go on a hay ride, etc.)
  • going to the museum
  • having a playdate with a friend of Nectarine
  • going to Tinkertown (bunch of rides and stuff for children)
  • going to Skyzone (a huge building with ever so many trampolines (like 20 attached together in one room (including on all the walls), a trampoline that you bounce into a huge pit of foam pieces, etc.

However, of the stuff we did, many were done many times (like visiting the library, going for ice cream/gelato, having fun at playgrounds, etc.). The beach was fun for all.

Wave jumping – classic beach activity

Is this driftwood?

Is this driftwood?

I’d show you a picture of Lemon crawling into the surf, but it won’t load. It had D nervous though. 🙂

M – Those 3 words cover a lot of ground. 😉 Pun sort of intended.

Mango has a new bike (for her anyway, as we got it on Kijiji). It is a few sizes up and does not have training wheels. Nectarine is getting more comfortable on her new bike (Mango’s old one). Lemon’s stroller died, so he got a ‘new’ one from Kijiji also – which also died, so he is on his 3rd one – and hopefully last one (to be fair though, our first one lasted around 5 years).

Helping break in the new/old bike.

I’ve gone from walking and holding bikes to jogging beside and only holding Nectarine’s to cross a street or alley way to running full tilt beside Mango as she laughs delightedly as she pedals full-out (she used to wobble back and forth across the sidewalk, scared the whole time). Things change and practice certainly helps. As she zooms down the sidewalk, she wants me to keep her company (besides which, someone should be there in case she tips over). Needless to say, she can last longer at that speed than I can – although I do keep up and can even pass her. As for Nectarine, she has fallen a few times (usually onto grass or a prickly bush), but I feel that was only a part of the reason she was trepidacious at first. There was the falling, having to wear a sweaty helmet, and having her neck skin pinched a few times as her helmet was put on for her. It’d kind of make me leery too. Lemon and D go for walks numerous times daily (yay D, as I doubt I’d log that many hours in without wanting to tag out), so when an axle popped on the 2nd stroller (the 1st died – probably worked/walked to death), my fixing ended up for naught as the hardware store didn’t have a replacement part and the ones I cobbled together either fell apart – because I wanted the wheels to turn – or locked the wheel right up as I made it to tight (the lock washer probably wasn’t a good choice), we had to get a new one.

So now we get places faster, but now the children are still full of energy when we get there, while we need a rest to gird ourselves for the next round. Darn good thing we don’t smoke :p

Another strolling is also occurring. Yesterday Lemon to 5 steps on his own (but only D saw that, so…), followed by another 3 today which was witnessed by D, Mango, and myself (Nectarine was on the other side of the room in her own little world). He managed 2 more staggering steps later in the day, which I managed to videotape for proof. However, that type of media is not permitted on the free version of WordPress, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So this is what my feet are for!

So this is what my feet are for!

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Nothing then, nothing now.


M – ** At the bottom (below the line) is a post I began November 27th, 2013 – as you can see, we have since upgraded to a larger (ex-bathtub) box.**


Does life get any better? My own house…rent free!

For hot summer days – we were surprised at his agility in getting there.

My own personal ice box! All I need now is a sauna…



M – Nothing is good enough for our children.

Some examples. An upside-down box with a hole in it became a mailbox. An upside-down laundry basket became a jail/library. A closet (as it is crowded, I’m not sure if it counts) is a permanent airplane to Africa, … anyway, you get what I mean

This box used to hold a shiny new car seat for our drooly new boy – Lemon.


Also a closet/house/secret hidey hole/etc.


This was my favorite. Nectarine’s winter jacket is special because it has…pockets. Nothing else matter. Warmth, design, length, and more aren’t even considered. All that means nothing. It has pockets! (rather small ones in my opinion). She likes just putting her hands in them.


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What the h@!l is going on?

M – Sorry, but his one will have to rely more on your imagination than pictures, as I was not in a position to stop, find a camera – or even my phone – as I…um…encouraged Nectarine to return from a nearby playground post-haste. As she inherited the training wheeled princess powered bicycle (distrusted as she tipped over her first time turning from our walk onto the sidewalk. In addition, Mango and I unfortunately pinched her neck-skin when putting on her helmet. In retrospect, that was probably more the reason than that slow tip onto grass. D hadn’t wounded her yet, so she always asked demanded for her to put her helmet on. Let me set the picture here.

Here we go:

A while ago we went to a playground about 10 (long) blocks from home they insisted on going to (which I didn’t think was wise, but as I had cut a similar trip short recently before, I figured they’d figure out why I was right). the sky was dark as the grey clouds rushed across the sky to swallow the last blue holding out. We made it to the playground easily (and dry), although the clouds we still eating away at the blue and the winds felt cool on our skins (which felt kind of nice, seeing as it was so darn humid). Dee continued as Mango and Nectarine discarded their bikes and clambered the play structure (they wanted me to be the villain  ‘Ursula’, but unless you know a specific watery Disney movie, that means nothing to you). About 5 or so minutes later my phone buzzed and the text screamed at me to get everyone off the structure and hurry home seeing as lightning seeks metal and almost everything there was basically metal. I’m sure I could’ve figured the whole lightning + metal = danger, but it’s nice to know how strong D’s motherly instincts are.

So, home we went, Mango ahead (not willy-nilly on her own, as D and Lemon met us at the playground and hustled home with her (They proceeded to rush ahead of us home, and not surprisingly, they beat us home), Nectarine trailing. At this point her confidence riding a bike were basically nil, so I had to hold that crossbar at the front of the bike every step of the way. Big globs of rain starting hitting witting us with water colder than it had any right to be. It rain got worse I tried coaxing some speed out of Nectarine, but she was crying and would have none of it. {Slight caveat here – I had no idea hail was on the way}. I pushed more as she pedaled less. the rain started getting really bad – to the point visibility was marginally more than nil.As we hit the last block and a half, I noticed the rain was very cold – and painful. As I ran as fast faster than I thought I could (while dragging Nectarine & bike), I tried to keep her spirits up. e.g. “Well, at least you’re wearing a helmet, right?” Thoughtfully of me, I was shielding her body as my left side got beaten. By balls of ice. Dee was nice enough to meet Nectarine in front of the house where she had a heavy jacket to bundle up in. I was still exposed and hurting.

Of course, before our children had even finished their warm relaxing bath, the hail (and rain) had stopped. Nectarine (and everyone else were fine…but I was sore and had a headache for a bit – ice cubes to the head will do that)

Short version. Went to playground, had some bad weather on the way home, everything worked out okay. The grass needed watering anyway.

For lack of thunderstorm/hail pictures, a couple of bicycle pictures from a better day.


Testing the metaphorical waters


Proud cyclist (?), ready to hit them thar sidewalks.

No diving over climbing structures and getting hurt as in the past. No, not for me. Let’s see what getting pounded by frozen golf balls feels like.

Oh well, I love them, and I am their father no matter what.

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For Love…or money?

M – Life here is inexorably bumping into reality.

Can I buy a pony?

I’m rich! Now what?

Mango has been helping out a lot here, especially in the ‘surprises’ (like making all our beds (including Lemons – and that one is in a crib) for us (so that she can get praise and a hug from ‘mommy’ [I happened to hear as Mango was explaining why to Nectarine]. Nectarine promptly went back to playing. Just another example of how different they are. So, D & I discussed her getting an allowance. 5 1/2 seem young to me, but what do I know? Now every Friday she gets 4 dollars (if she does well…). Nectarine has to get something too, so she gets 2 dollars. I thought 5 was young, but I had never even heard of a 3 1/2 year-old having an allowance. Still, Nectarine getting money weekly makes sense in that she doesn’t understand the concept of money yet, but certainly notices when Mango gets something she doesn’t. However, Mango was doing stuff for us even before the (quasi-abstract) subject of money ever came up. She just thought her cleaning up (while we weren’t allowed into the area) would be a special surprise for us. We love it. Hmm. I wonder how old we were when we got an allowance. That just began 2 weeks ago and is still in the trial phase. Lemon is getting better at staying upright for a fleeting moment without external support or grabbing frantically. Never long enough to get a picture though. Also, he hasn’t technically made his first step (does falling toward someone/something while slowing the forward/downward movement with a leg count?) We have a busy life even without that, here are some pictures.


Crab-walking, AKA wall crawling. (you could pretend he is counting the illustrations he’s in front of) 😉

Some summary – sort of – pictures.


Testing the water at a local wading pool (it freaked D out to seem him moments away from drowning – or some such motherly fear)

No worries of water worries. We’ve worked on him turning around before going down our stairs at home. It was really nerve-racking him see him tackle the steps head-on. Hovering over him, I once saw him crawl down a few steps forward before deciding to turn around and continue on down backwards. I doubt D would have let him get that far. Even so, after that I worked with more seriously about stair safety.


Burying herself at a playground (rather than actually use slides, swings, etc.), she proudly digs herself in deeper using her shoe as a shovel.

I remember the days playing in the dirt with a toy or two and just loving it.


Looking for earthworms and those ‘ones that curl up’. Life is good.

They are still learning and pushing back the edges of their knowledge. Some question are quite difficult to answer, especially when necessary to couch the response a 3- and/or 5-year-old understands. I may have brought it up before, but oh well. How do you answer someone (very young) who asks why it is better to be smart than pretty? Um…you don’t stay pretty and being smart lasts? Your lose your looks (follow-up question would be ‘But where?’), y’know, get all saggy and wrinkly, and …um…you mostly remember what you learn and can apply it to other situations… Our default escape is telling them that their question would be a good one to ask their teacher *evil laugh, relieved breath*. It has been a busier summer holidays so far than I expected


Building a (pretty dam) (future engineer? Let’s cross our fingers)


Obligatory ‘puddle jumping’

Mango explained to every single passer-by how wet her socks were, how it happened, and more. Another time, at a splash pad (it’s different from a wading pool. It’s more interactive).


Cc.o.l..ddd.. Aahh! Why didn’t anyone warn me?

Here the buckets (she called them bells – apt, since they are bell-shaped) filled with water from a pipe before dumping gallons overhead, have just landed on her. After the in initial shock, she loved it there.   One day we went to the (free) Conservatory.


Checking out the resident gnome/hobbit/elf/etc home they have set up there (they even have a mailbox so people can write him/her a letter and leave it there).

They found the clothes hanging on the line out back but noticed the door was locked. They came up with some nice reasons why that would be. 🙂 Taking time out of the rapids of their lives to relax in an eddy (although that usually isn’t that relaxing either) for a short while.


Just having fun together (and maybe exploring D’s scrapbook storehouse area just a bit) 😉


Mango teaching Nectarine what she had just figured out what she could do. One way to push back boredom (and help tire them out *not that we appreciate it or anything*.

This is just a glimpse. the extended version including ever outing would take far too long and become boring.


Trying a beard on to be Santa (she ate quite a few soap bubbles). Pointy haired Santa? Maybe an elf, even that is pushing it.

One day  wrapping up.Not a moment too soon. Maybe even just a wee bit long for one. 🙂



After carrying her back from a wading pool, she fell asleep on the ride home got half-way changed out of her bathing suit into cozy clothes before – wham. She hit her wall hard that time.   I could go on about meeting Elmo, soccer, celebrations, family gatherings, quiet times (also very important), future plans, and more, but I think 3 hours on this has been quite enough for me, thank you. M

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What’s wrong with you?

M – Nothing. You’re fine, you just see life from a different perspective and live accordingly.

Mango (5+):

  • She talks to strangers (while we’re there).
  • Asked me to turn the music on in the van or else she’d have to talk, and she didn’t really feel like talking right then.
  • Very helpful (to the point of being controlling).
  • A voracious reader, artist, and gymnast.

Reading…while waiting for everyone else to get ready to go to her soccer ‘game’

Nectarine (3+):

  • Was an introvert, now does talk, if you let her (Mango tends to finish sentences for her).
  • Is willing to talk, but is often overshadowed by Mango. She is quite content to spend time by herself – she has quite an imagination.
  • Dislikes doing pretty much everything (does being 3 factor in there?), but is very empathetic.
  • Very willing to play games created by Mango (and whatever part she’s assigned to).
  • A voracious pretend reader and artist in the making.

Pretending to read an ‘I Spy’ book to D.

Lemon (-1)

  • Learning to fake talk.
  • Can climb up and down stairs (and across floors) rapidly. Has tried crawling down the stairs face-first (successfully), but that is being taught out of him.
  • Can almost walk (reaches out for something just a 1/2 step away and sometimes makes it).
  • Affectionately nick-named ‘Pork chop’ as he is so heavy (especially after wanting to be carted around all day long (just as D).
  • Rarely complains when the other 2 fight over him (each arguing that the other got to play with him more), even physically (where he gets dragged/rolled back and forth.
  • Very smiley
  • Not a reader yet, more of a book nosher/nibbler right now – literally.

Over all, we are very lucky.


They don’t mind the lower bath water (for his safety) or the huge splashes he somehow makes.

We’re all going to a nearby playground. Mango is being a ‘Mommy’ and Nectarine is being her ‘baby’.


Too cute. 🙂

When you need your rest…


Poor (and happy) boy fell asleep upright in the safety of his mother’s (D’s) embrace.


Reluctantly fell asleep watching a movie (for quiet time during Lemon’s nap)

Nectarine is on to us though. When we let her pick a show to watch and offer the comfort/coziness of the couch (even if D offers to lie down with her), she tells us ‘I don’t want to sleep’ and refuses the couch, sitting on a chair or the carpet instead.


Mango refused to sleep, but it was a warm afternoon and a long drive… 🙂

There are too many pictures and special moments to post. I wish I could capture the moment on here as it happens, because often once the moment is gone it never returns.

I’ll just enjoy these for now. 🙂


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Future now.

(Predated the 3rd of March, 2011)

M – I am not ready for the future, so I immerse myself in the present. While it will cause havoc in the future, it allows me to enjoy good fortune (which includes Mango of course) I have now. While it is scary/daunting to see Mango growing up so fast (I remember looking ahead when she was just born to people who had 2 year-olds thinking they knew it all – now being here and still lost), it is also wonderful to see.

Mango is on the cusp of reading. Actually, she was on the cusp a month or so ago. By now she not only recognizes words but sounds more out too (when the mood strikes her).


We were just days away (19 weeks and 2 day to be precise) from adding 25% (or 33.3%, depending on how you look at it) to our family. Another sibling for Mango. Yay her; poor M, as she had to slog through days – nay – weeks – nay – more before being rewarded with that innocent and trusting – and happy smile of number 3

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Is 2 less or more than 4?

M – While I am missing out on so many interesting and fun things in our children`s lives, at least I manage to transfer a small percentage here. Lessens my guilt – sort of.

Near the end of May we decided Mango was getting too tall for her (at that time) present bike and would do well on a taller bike, one more suited to her frame. So, on May 26th I removed her training wheels. (the pictures being dated helps my poor memory) She gave it a nervous try. She was very proud of her nearly new bike (it no longer had training wheels) and was soon able to drive it a straight line unassisted (mostly coasting and focusing on balance). No stopping or turning though and I had to run beside her because she didn’t feel safe stopping because  that and other distractions (such as seeing a playground) inevitably distracted her enough to hop off the bike as it crashed.

Side note – we took off her training wheels and did not give her a new set for her new bike as the set we bought was too big (not the length, the bike frame was too gig to attach the training wheels with the bolts and nuts in the package (same goes for what we had on hand). Who knew? The package read as being the right one for the bike size we bought. Mumble 😦 grumble.

By May 29th – her 2nd attempt, she was able to speed up, slow down, avoid pedestrians, make safe turns at street corners, drive onto and over grass, and go a fair amount faster (remember, I had to run beside her as she had problems ending her ride – somehow D always managed to sidestep that task…). Mango just needed a guiding hand to keep her bike lined up straight to begin and have someone there to catch her when she braked and tipped over.

Here is May 26th.

I still love you, We have just grown apart…I think I Have outgrown you. 🙂 😦

Here is May 29th (I checked the digital properties of the pictures to be sure).


Watch out! Watch out! I may be pedaling, but steering is still difficult here.

By her 3rd or 4th try she was using the bigger bike regularly. reminding me how out of shape I am.

Before all this, before I took off her training wheels, we let Nectarine have a first bike ride.


A short family outing (we went up and down our front sidewalk a few times).

She loved it. As Mango was willing to push…nicely…things proceeded smoothly. Was that all there was to riding a bike? Getting on and steering while getting a push? That was easier than walking and saved the need to pedal. this notion was disabused as her bicycle slowed to a walk and some of us went on ahead. She pushed on her pedals and !!eureka!! she moved. Thus began out next step in independent transportation.


Push! Faster, faster!

Picture of Nectarine on a bike was taken May 26th, so just over a month Mango started without training wheels.

I would show you more pictures related, but they`re on the camera memory card and that would take up another 1.5-12 hours to slog through (fix each picture to correct alignment, move to proper file [out of many], and more) just to set it up for uploading. then I’d need a relevant topic, meaning I’d have to find some (but not too many) pictures that best showcase the moment. I try to hard. It’s not like anyone else would notice 🙂

Maybe tomorrow…;)


BTW, by now Mango can ride the bigger bike now (sans starting and stopping well), and Nectarine can ride the  other one with training wheels. However, Nectarine is just a bit …ahem… cautious after two nasty tumbles she had when driving solo.One was tipping over while trying to take a narrow corner too fast, the other was freezing up and not braking, resulting in her painfully crashing into a prickly bush/tree. She now wants/needs someone to hold on to her bike – for a feeling of safety – even though she has shown me how well she does without help.

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Simplysrambled.wordpress versus

Guess we migrate from to I have finally reached the point where there is no space left for me to add more pictures to the posts.

Now we’ve got to pay $18/year to move over. I’d stop now…but the price is good and I’ve been blogging about mey children for over 5 years. Try to explain (satisfactorily) why I stopped blogging before Lemon began walking or even hit 1 year old.




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