Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 25, 2014

Future now.

(Predated the 3rd of March, 2011)

M – I am not ready for the future, so I immerse myself in the present. While it will cause havoc in the future, it allows me to enjoy good fortune (which includes Mango of course) I have now. While it is scary/daunting to see Mango growing up so fast (I remember looking ahead when she was just born to people who had 2 year-olds thinking they knew it all – now being here and still lost), it is also wonderful to see.

Mango is on the cusp of reading. Actually, she was on the cusp a month or so ago. By now she not only recognizes words but sounds more out too (when the mood strikes her).


We were just days away (19 weeks and 2 day to be precise) from adding 25% (or 33.3%, depending on how you look at it) to our family. Another sibling for Mango. Yay her; poor M, as she had to slog through days – nay – weeks – nay – more before being rewarded with that innocent and trusting – and happy smile of number 3


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