Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 10, 2014

Nothing then, nothing now.


M – ** At the bottom (below the line) is a post I began November 27th, 2013 – as you can see, we have since upgraded to a larger (ex-bathtub) box.**


Does life get any better? My own house…rent free!

For hot summer days – we were surprised at his agility in getting there.

My own personal ice box! All I need now is a sauna…



M – Nothing is good enough for our children.

Some examples. An upside-down box with a hole in it became a mailbox. An upside-down laundry basket became a jail/library. A closet (as it is crowded, I’m not sure if it counts) is a permanent airplane to Africa, … anyway, you get what I mean

This box used to hold a shiny new car seat for our drooly new boy – Lemon.


Also a closet/house/secret hidey hole/etc.


This was my favorite. Nectarine’s winter jacket is special because it has…pockets. Nothing else matter. Warmth, design, length, and more aren’t even considered. All that means nothing. It has pockets! (rather small ones in my opinion). She likes just putting her hands in them.


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