Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 8, 2013

Beyond Borders.

M – Personally, I’d never dare to do this, but D is made of stronger stuff.


Being smart, she took off their shirts and confined them to our kitchen table (where the tablecloth is plastic). Nonetheless, it was messier than the pictures imply. Not as bad as I feared though.

Started off cleanly enough…


Just fingers to paper, no picture planning here

…staying in the lines (in this case, the edges of the paper – which was wisely taped down by D before the activity started)…


The finger/paint/paper all becoming one

…starting to spread out beyond borders…


This feels cool. Do you want to try too?

…just paper became tummy/arm/face/chair…

Guess who? I'm the Easter Bunny!

Another picture showed paint all over her torso, but this was cuter.

…even though Mango stayed a bit cleaner, she couldn’t resist some skin art too…


I am so talented.

…instead of going for chocolate coloring, she opted for a red nose instead.

Thus ended yet another positive experience for our girls (which I’m sure they’ll forget anyway ;)). Like I said. D is braver and created a wonderful afternoon for them (well, more life 1/2 hour, but you get the idea). Thankfully, nothing got in their hair.

After a tiring day, they needed a bit of down time. I emphasize the ‘bit’ part because I think it lasted less than 5 minutes before they were up and running.


Easier (and feels less permanent) than going upstairs to bed

Smiling and happy with eyes closed. For the moment.

Later, Nectarine climbed up on some boxes (which Mango protested loudly about). I think that can be saved for a mini-post later, as I have a few days off and want to get some in before jumping back into the raging river of our life again.

Well, off to make some calls. Sigh.



  1. i love the pictures and i also love the captions on the photos – you really seem to understand your girls, which warms my heart

  2. Thanks 🙂
    They really are good girls. Lucky us.

  3. *LOL* I did feet painting with my little boy once. It was cool doing it but then we realised we couldn’t get to the bathroom without getting pain everywhere! We just plastic bags as socks in the end, so a bit of finger painting isn’t so bad.

  4. LOL too. She did some paint footprints, but that was before they could walk, so it was much easier.
    Brave you! 😮

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