Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 11, 2014

On the move

M – **Once again, the stuff under the line is from an unpublished post from August 6th, 2014**

Since then, times have changed, people have grown, there’ve been a month more of living and exploring going on. We made a list of things we wanted to do over the summer. Even though there were 21 objectives, we only missed 6 of them:

  • a sleepover at Oma & Opa’s house
  • going to a petting farm (they watch a shearing and get a sample of the wool, have a chance to do some milking, go on a hay ride, etc.)
  • going to the museum
  • having a playdate with a friend of Nectarine
  • going to Tinkertown (bunch of rides and stuff for children)
  • going to Skyzone (a huge building with ever so many trampolines (like 20 attached together in one room (including on all the walls), a trampoline that you bounce into a huge pit of foam pieces, etc.

However, of the stuff we did, many were done many times (like visiting the library, going for ice cream/gelato, having fun at playgrounds, etc.). The beach was fun for all.

Wave jumping – classic beach activity

Is this driftwood?

Is this driftwood?

I’d show you a picture of Lemon crawling into the surf, but it won’t load. It had D nervous though. πŸ™‚

M – Those 3 words cover a lot of ground. πŸ˜‰ Pun sort of intended.

Mango has a new bike (for her anyway, as we got it on Kijiji). It is a few sizes up and does not have training wheels. Nectarine is getting more comfortable on her new bike (Mango’s old one). Lemon’s stroller died, so he got a ‘new’ one from Kijiji also – which also died, so he is on his 3rd one – and hopefully last one (to be fair though, our first one lasted around 5 years).

Helping break in the new/old bike.

I’ve gone from walking and holding bikes to jogging beside and only holding Nectarine’s to cross a street or alley way to running full tilt beside Mango as she laughs delightedly as she pedals full-out (she used to wobble back and forth across the sidewalk, scared the whole time). Things change and practice certainly helps. As she zooms down the sidewalk, she wants me to keep her company (besides which, someone should be there in case she tips over). Needless to say, she can last longer at that speed than I can – although I do keep up and can even pass her. As for Nectarine, she has fallen a few times (usually onto grass or a prickly bush), but I feel that was only a part of the reason she was trepidacious at first. There was the falling, having to wear a sweaty helmet, and having her neck skin pinched a few times as her helmet was put on for her. It’d kind of make me leery too. Lemon and D go for walks numerous times daily (yay D, as I doubt I’d log that many hours in without wanting to tag out), so when an axle popped on the 2nd stroller (the 1st died – probably worked/walked to death), my fixing ended up for naught as the hardware store didn’t have a replacement part and the ones I cobbled together either fell apart – because I wanted the wheels to turn – or locked the wheel right up as I made it to tight (the lock washer probably wasn’t a good choice), we had to get a new one.

So now we get places faster, but now the children are still full of energy when we get there, while we need a rest to gird ourselves for the next round. Darn good thing we don’t smoke :p

Another strolling is also occurring. Yesterday Lemon to 5 steps on his own (but only D saw that, so…), followed by another 3 today which was witnessed by D, Mango, and myself (Nectarine was on the other side of the room in her own little world). He managed 2 more staggering steps later in the day, which I managed to videotape for proof. However, that type of media is not permitted on the free version of WordPress, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So this is what my feet are for!

So this is what my feet are for!

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