Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 14, 2014

For Love…or money?

M – Life here is inexorably bumping into reality.

Can I buy a pony?

I’m rich! Now what?

Mango has been helping out a lot here, especially in the ‘surprises’ (like making all our beds (including Lemons – and that one is in a crib) for us (so that she can get praise and a hug from ‘mommy’ [I happened to hear as Mango was explaining why to Nectarine]. Nectarine promptly went back to playing. Just another example of how different they are. So, D & I discussed her getting an allowance. 5 1/2 seem young to me, but what do I know? Now every Friday she gets 4 dollars (if she does well…). Nectarine has to get something too, so she gets 2 dollars. I thought 5 was young, but I had never even heard of a 3 1/2 year-old having an allowance. Still, Nectarine getting money weekly makes sense in that she doesn’t understand the concept of money yet, but certainly notices when Mango gets something she doesn’t. However, Mango was doing stuff for us even before the (quasi-abstract) subject of money ever came up. She just thought her cleaning up (while we weren’t allowed into the area) would be a special surprise for us. We love it. Hmm. I wonder how old we were when we got an allowance. That just began 2 weeks ago and is still in the trial phase. Lemon is getting better at staying upright for a fleeting moment without external support or grabbing frantically. Never long enough to get a picture though. Also, he hasn’t technically made his first step (does falling toward someone/something while slowing the forward/downward movement with a leg count?) We have a busy life even without that, here are some pictures.


Crab-walking, AKA wall crawling. (you could pretend he is counting the illustrations he’s in front of) 😉

Some summary – sort of – pictures.


Testing the water at a local wading pool (it freaked D out to seem him moments away from drowning – or some such motherly fear)

No worries of water worries. We’ve worked on him turning around before going down our stairs at home. It was really nerve-racking him see him tackle the steps head-on. Hovering over him, I once saw him crawl down a few steps forward before deciding to turn around and continue on down backwards. I doubt D would have let him get that far. Even so, after that I worked with more seriously about stair safety.


Burying herself at a playground (rather than actually use slides, swings, etc.), she proudly digs herself in deeper using her shoe as a shovel.

I remember the days playing in the dirt with a toy or two and just loving it.


Looking for earthworms and those ‘ones that curl up’. Life is good.

They are still learning and pushing back the edges of their knowledge. Some question are quite difficult to answer, especially when necessary to couch the response a 3- and/or 5-year-old understands. I may have brought it up before, but oh well. How do you answer someone (very young) who asks why it is better to be smart than pretty? Um…you don’t stay pretty and being smart lasts? Your lose your looks (follow-up question would be ‘But where?’), y’know, get all saggy and wrinkly, and …um…you mostly remember what you learn and can apply it to other situations… Our default escape is telling them that their question would be a good one to ask their teacher *evil laugh, relieved breath*. It has been a busier summer holidays so far than I expected


Building a (pretty dam) (future engineer? Let’s cross our fingers)


Obligatory ‘puddle jumping’

Mango explained to every single passer-by how wet her socks were, how it happened, and more. Another time, at a splash pad (it’s different from a wading pool. It’s more interactive).


Cc.o.l..ddd.. Aahh! Why didn’t anyone warn me?

Here the buckets (she called them bells – apt, since they are bell-shaped) filled with water from a pipe before dumping gallons overhead, have just landed on her. After the in initial shock, she loved it there.   One day we went to the (free) Conservatory.


Checking out the resident gnome/hobbit/elf/etc home they have set up there (they even have a mailbox so people can write him/her a letter and leave it there).

They found the clothes hanging on the line out back but noticed the door was locked. They came up with some nice reasons why that would be. 🙂 Taking time out of the rapids of their lives to relax in an eddy (although that usually isn’t that relaxing either) for a short while.


Just having fun together (and maybe exploring D’s scrapbook storehouse area just a bit) 😉


Mango teaching Nectarine what she had just figured out what she could do. One way to push back boredom (and help tire them out *not that we appreciate it or anything*.

This is just a glimpse. the extended version including ever outing would take far too long and become boring.


Trying a beard on to be Santa (she ate quite a few soap bubbles). Pointy haired Santa? Maybe an elf, even that is pushing it.

One day  wrapping up.Not a moment too soon. Maybe even just a wee bit long for one. 🙂



After carrying her back from a wading pool, she fell asleep on the ride home got half-way changed out of her bathing suit into cozy clothes before – wham. She hit her wall hard that time.   I could go on about meeting Elmo, soccer, celebrations, family gatherings, quiet times (also very important), future plans, and more, but I think 3 hours on this has been quite enough for me, thank you. M

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