Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 25, 2014

Is 2 less or more than 4?

M – While I am missing out on so many interesting and fun things in our children`s lives, at least I manage to transfer a small percentage here. Lessens my guilt – sort of.

Near the end of May we decided Mango was getting too tall for her (at that time) present bike and would do well on a taller bike, one more suited to her frame. So, on May 26th I removed her training wheels. (the pictures being dated helps my poor memory) She gave it a nervous try. She was very proud of her nearly new bike (it no longer had training wheels) and was soon able to drive it a straight line unassisted (mostly coasting and focusing on balance). No stopping or turning though and I had to run beside her because she didn’t feel safe stopping because  that and other distractions (such as seeing a playground) inevitably distracted her enough to hop off the bike as it crashed.

Side note – we took off her training wheels and did not give her a new set for her new bike as the set we bought was too big (not the length, the bike frame was too gig to attach the training wheels with the bolts and nuts in the package (same goes for what we had on hand). Who knew? The package read as being the right one for the bike size we bought. Mumble 😦 grumble.

By May 29th – her 2nd attempt, she was able to speed up, slow down, avoid pedestrians, make safe turns at street corners, drive onto and over grass, and go a fair amount faster (remember, I had to run beside her as she had problems ending her ride – somehow D always managed to sidestep that task…). Mango just needed a guiding hand to keep her bike lined up straight to begin and have someone there to catch her when she braked and tipped over.

Here is May 26th.

I still love you, We have just grown apart…I think I Have outgrown you. 🙂 😦

Here is May 29th (I checked the digital properties of the pictures to be sure).


Watch out! Watch out! I may be pedaling, but steering is still difficult here.

By her 3rd or 4th try she was using the bigger bike regularly. reminding me how out of shape I am.

Before all this, before I took off her training wheels, we let Nectarine have a first bike ride.


A short family outing (we went up and down our front sidewalk a few times).

She loved it. As Mango was willing to push…nicely…things proceeded smoothly. Was that all there was to riding a bike? Getting on and steering while getting a push? That was easier than walking and saved the need to pedal. this notion was disabused as her bicycle slowed to a walk and some of us went on ahead. She pushed on her pedals and !!eureka!! she moved. Thus began out next step in independent transportation.


Push! Faster, faster!

Picture of Nectarine on a bike was taken May 26th, so just over a month Mango started without training wheels.

I would show you more pictures related, but they`re on the camera memory card and that would take up another 1.5-12 hours to slog through (fix each picture to correct alignment, move to proper file [out of many], and more) just to set it up for uploading. then I’d need a relevant topic, meaning I’d have to find some (but not too many) pictures that best showcase the moment. I try to hard. It’s not like anyone else would notice 🙂

Maybe tomorrow…;)


BTW, by now Mango can ride the bigger bike now (sans starting and stopping well), and Nectarine can ride the  other one with training wheels. However, Nectarine is just a bit …ahem… cautious after two nasty tumbles she had when driving solo.One was tipping over while trying to take a narrow corner too fast, the other was freezing up and not braking, resulting in her painfully crashing into a prickly bush/tree. She now wants/needs someone to hold on to her bike – for a feeling of safety – even though she has shown me how well she does without help.

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