M – Just wanted to say hello to anyone who has not seen this blog before. Feel free to comment or ask questions. It rarely delves into deep philosophical questions or dilemmas, but rather the mundane life within which I/we live. That is perfectly fine by me. I am always glad when someone comes across this blog (either by chance/accident/randomly or by choice). Right now our baby (“Mango” for the sake of anonymity and the internet) seems to be the focal point – which often is not what I had expected when each post begins. I have found a blog similar to this one here which I like, called www.thejuma.wordpress.com, which is also about home life but adds a broader view on life as seen by the author there.

What a view!

What a view!

All is good … eventually

I wanted to say hello in every language, but as I can only think of 6 or 7, I found a site that does so in 800+ languages/dialects here.

I apologize in advance that nothing else will be multi-languaged. The posts will stay in ordinary English.


  1. ooh I like the picture. talk about perspective!

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