Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 2, 2014

What the h@!l is going on?

M – Sorry, but his one will have to rely more on your imagination than pictures, as I was not in a position to stop, find a camera – or even my phone – as I…um…encouraged Nectarine to return from a nearby playground post-haste. As she inherited the training wheeled princess powered bicycle (distrusted as she tipped over her first time turning from our walk onto the sidewalk. In addition, Mango and I unfortunately pinched her neck-skin when putting on her helmet. In retrospect, that was probably more the reason than that slow tip onto grass. D hadn’t wounded her yet, so she always asked demanded for her to put her helmet on. Let me set the picture here.

Here we go:

A while ago we went to a playground about 10 (long) blocks from home they insisted on going to (which I didn’t think was wise, but as I had cut a similar trip short recently before, I figured they’d figure out why I was right). the sky was dark as the grey clouds rushed across the sky to swallow the last blue holding out. We made it to the playground easily (and dry), although the clouds we still eating away at the blue and the winds felt cool on our skins (which felt kind of nice, seeing as it was so darn humid). Dee continued as Mango and Nectarine discarded their bikes and clambered the play structure (they wanted me to be the villain  ‘Ursula’, but unless you know a specific watery Disney movie, that means nothing to you). About 5 or so minutes later my phone buzzed and the text screamed at me to get everyone off the structure and hurry home seeing as lightning seeks metal and almost everything there was basically metal. I’m sure I could’ve figured the whole lightning + metal = danger, but it’s nice to know how strong D’s motherly instincts are.

So, home we went, Mango ahead (not willy-nilly on her own, as D and Lemon met us at the playground and hustled home with her (They proceeded to rush ahead of us home, and not surprisingly, they beat us home), Nectarine trailing. At this point her confidence riding a bike were basically nil, so I had to hold that crossbar at the front of the bike every step of the way. Big globs of rain starting hitting witting us with water colder than it had any right to be. It rain got worse I tried coaxing some speed out of Nectarine, but she was crying and would have none of it. {Slight caveat here – I had no idea hail was on the way}. I pushed more as she pedaled less. the rain started getting really bad – to the point visibility was marginally more than nil.As we hit the last block and a half, I noticed the rain was very cold – and painful. As I ran as fast faster than I thought I could (while dragging Nectarine & bike), I tried to keep her spirits up. e.g. “Well, at least you’re wearing a helmet, right?” Thoughtfully of me, I was shielding her body as my left side got beaten. By balls of ice. Dee was nice enough to meet Nectarine in front of the house where she had a heavy jacket to bundle up in. I was still exposed and hurting.

Of course, before our children had even finished their warm relaxing bath, the hail (and rain) had stopped. Nectarine (and everyone else were fine…but I was sore and had a headache for a bit – ice cubes to the head will do that)

Short version. Went to playground, had some bad weather on the way home, everything worked out okay. The grass needed watering anyway.

For lack of thunderstorm/hail pictures, a couple of bicycle pictures from a better day.


Testing the metaphorical waters


Proud cyclist (?), ready to hit them thar sidewalks.

No diving over climbing structures and getting hurt as in the past. No, not for me. Let’s see what getting pounded by frozen golf balls feels like.

Oh well, I love them, and I am their father no matter what.

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