Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 26, 2014

What’s wrong with you?

M – Nothing. You’re fine, you just see life from a different perspective and live accordingly.

Mango (5+):

  • She talks to strangers (while we’re there).
  • Asked me to turn the music on in the van or else she’d have to talk, and she didn’t really feel like talking right then.
  • Very helpful (to the point of being controlling).
  • A voracious reader, artist, and gymnast.

Reading…while waiting for everyone else to get ready to go to her soccer ‘game’

Nectarine (3+):

  • Was an introvert, now does talk, if you let her (Mango tends to finish sentences for her).
  • Is willing to talk, but is often overshadowed by Mango. She is quite content to spend time by herself – she has quite an imagination.
  • Dislikes doing pretty much everything (does being 3 factor in there?), but is very empathetic.
  • Very willing to play games created by Mango (and whatever part she’s assigned to).
  • A voracious pretend reader and artist in the making.

Pretending to read an ‘I Spy’ book to D.

Lemon (-1)

  • Learning to fake talk.
  • Can climb up and down stairs (and across floors) rapidly. Has tried crawling down the stairs face-first (successfully), but that is being taught out of him.
  • Can almost walk (reaches out for something just a 1/2 step away and sometimes makes it).
  • Affectionately nick-named ‘Pork chop’ as he is so heavy (especially after wanting to be carted around all day long (just as D).
  • Rarely complains when the other 2 fight over him (each arguing that the other got to play with him more), even physically (where he gets dragged/rolled back and forth.
  • Very smiley
  • Not a reader yet, more of a book nosher/nibbler right now – literally.

Over all, we are very lucky.


They don’t mind the lower bath water (for his safety) or the huge splashes he somehow makes.

We’re all going to a nearby playground. Mango is being a ‘Mommy’ and Nectarine is being her ‘baby’.


Too cute. 🙂

When you need your rest…


Poor (and happy) boy fell asleep upright in the safety of his mother’s (D’s) embrace.


Reluctantly fell asleep watching a movie (for quiet time during Lemon’s nap)

Nectarine is on to us though. When we let her pick a show to watch and offer the comfort/coziness of the couch (even if D offers to lie down with her), she tells us ‘I don’t want to sleep’ and refuses the couch, sitting on a chair or the carpet instead.


Mango refused to sleep, but it was a warm afternoon and a long drive… 🙂

There are too many pictures and special moments to post. I wish I could capture the moment on here as it happens, because often once the moment is gone it never returns.

I’ll just enjoy these for now. 🙂


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