Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 20, 2013

First, seconds, and thirds…

M – ‘We’ (D) had our third child July 16th, 2013. Not a number anyone our in extended family (secretly) hoped for, but it serendipitously made it a bit easier to remember. 2013 is easy, as it went 2009-2011-1013. Month is a bit tougher. I suppose there could be another number series there (January-March = 1-3 = a 2 month difference, and March-July = 3-6 = a 3 month difference). So, 1,2,3. Too complicated, so I’ll just suck it up and remember it. Now, Mango was born on the 10th, Nectarine on the 6th, so our last being on the 16th will be easy. 🙂

Blog-wise (if I ever get back into it) the last one will be “Lemon”. Get it? Le-mon = the man. Besides, his name starts with an ‘L’ and it is a short fruit to spell (unlike Nectarine [to be fair, it wasn’t easy find a relatively common fruit beginning with an ‘ N’].

Mango is starting to read … sort of. Nectarine is hopping and skipping … sort of (the skipping is more of a gallop). Lemon is rolling over … sort of – because we’ve never actually seen it (we only have other people’s word on it, although we’ve seen him roll on his side many times).

Here are some early pictures of Lemon (and a few without him too).


Their first nap together – ever

I reserved this space for the first picture of us (parents) and Lemon, but I had been there all night and hospital pictures are rarely flattering (much like driver’s licence photos) :p, so we decided to omit it. Instead here are some nicer ones


Yes, we are happy


Beaming…and bemused.


I had forgotten how big he already was (for being only 8 days old)


Can you feel their love for him?


Just on the floor together – happy


Couldn’t resist. D, Nectarine, and ‘Pinkie’, squeezing in some sleep


Happy to be sisters


Up early and waiting eagerly


um…bonding time…


One with a (working) microphone, the other with a maraca – didn’t matter to them 🙂

I’d add pithy stuff about each picture, but I’ve already spent over 2 hours arranging pictures and compiling this post. It’s no wonder I keep putting it off. Wastes a whole evening of watching TV.

The future is full of moments. Jump in and enjoy them.


  1. Hi Michael.. Been a while since I had visited. Cangratulations on your third “Fruit”. You look very Happy!

  2. Thanks chickie.

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