Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 15, 2013

PB ‘n’ J

M – which child does not enjoy peanut butter and jam/jelly?

However, this is about good times. Peanut butter and joy. To be precise, peanut butter play dough. While it doesn’t come in a variety of colours like the official stuff (PlayDoh) – it’s more of a muddy brown, it is edible. Our kids seemed a bit more willing to help clean up their mess that time. 😉

Snakes and snowmen and smiley faces quietly disappeared after the edible part sunk in. One nice bonus (sort of) was that they were in the process from kitchen to table. Mixing up peanut butter, honey, and icing sugar is not to complex and a pretty short recipe. They helped adding and mixing ingredients, restraining their desire to actually play with their food. When finally at the table, it took quite a bit of reassurance on our part (making sure to differentiate between store and home-made stuff) to have them actually try the concoction. 🙂

Personally, I am of the impression they thought they were making cake. Or cookies. Well…some kind of dessert, anyway.


Let me stir, let me stir!


So what exactly are we making here?

Taking turns mixing it all up.


Looks like a face, an unspecified mangled lump, and a child wanting more material

Using it like actual modelling clay stuff. Didn’t eat it even after they saw the ingredients (peanut butter, honey, and icing sugar), mixed them, and squishing their fingers through it.

Took a while and some coaxing to try it. Mango figured it out first. Don’t think she told Nectarine right away though. 🙂


I made a tree for you (instead of the inevitable snake). Hmm. This smells good…

Mango was trying not to reveal her taste test to us or Nectarine (see how she waited until Nectarine looked the other way?). Nectarine wasn’t eating it yet, she was tentatively smelling and licking it first.


Caught in the act

After about 5 minutes of creating, they broke down and tried it. After that, the artistic side of them was forgotten. :p


Finger-licking good

As you can see, they are just snacking on their unexpected treat now.


Princesses take delicate bites. I want to be a princess.

Her tree trunks didn’t last long. Neither did her leaves.

How can you go wrong with edible art? It’s up there with fingerpainting yourself.


Any child’s dream. Surrounded by sweet stuff free for the taking/eating

Some things in life are worth doing. This was one of them. D is so smart that way. I doubt they’ll forget, and even if they do, we have scads of pictures of them from beginning to end.

p.s. Well grandma, sorry for taking so long to get this up here (see last post). However, we have many more pictures you can browse any time you come by. Also, our ruffians are still waiting for your back scratches.



  1. Got caught lookin at work.. all thought the girls are cuties. One nurse would like “recipe” for her brood. Any help??

  2. lol. I’ll ask. Nice part is that there are only those few ingredients. However, it did end up making far more than we needed (or ate).

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