Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 21, 2014

‘Eye’ (click) see you.

M – This is an old draft I revisited just now. So…

Here is an extremely short collection of pictures taken by Mango. (I was going to add more by her, Nectarine, and us, but didn’t. So there.)

April 16, 2014, testing it out.

(Pretty sure the shirt was not picked out by me)

April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

Mango was one of the first to get Nectarine to smile (yes, that was a smile, just slightly over the top ;)) for the camera. It took a while for Nectarine’s smiles to become more natural. When asked, Nectarine is sure to point out that Mango is her sister, but she is also her “best friends” (you can tell by how she gives Mango her stuffy and a hug when Mango is crying, just a quiet reminder that she’s there for her when needed. By no means are they squabble-free. Many times they say things in the heat of the moment (and mean it too). I.E. “I’ll NEVER be your friend if you don’t give me the pink marker. NEVER” (which lasts about 2 minutes).

She wanted 'silly' pictures.

She wanted all of us to make some silly faces

I think D ‘accidentally’ erased all hers after they went to bed. This is the only one I could scrape up and it barely qualifies.


This silly? Come seriously? 😉



Mango’s baby (at the time) (with Nectarine going by in the background)

There were scads more pictures (some quite good), but I was too lazy to go through them all (considering I had almost gotten this far along by mid-April). Besides, this way I can stretch it out into another post. Me so smrt samrt smarter – um… ahem… Isn’t that so clever of me?



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