Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 20, 2014

Breaking Boredom’s Back.

M – Anyone with a child will recognize this phrase. “I’m …boorreed…” Of course you are bored. The television and computer are off, and we’re not letting you use our cell phones (Mango: “but I know how, I use the iPad at school” – that is scary right there). We offer suggestions, naturally everything is immediately shot down. They’re only 5 and 3 (and almost 1). Having enough stuff to do ourselves (none of it fun), we leave them to stew.

What do we see when we get back? Imagination (all these pictures were taken within the last 3 weeks)!


Nectarine’s first picture of daddy

For some reason my hair is at the bottom, but overall, it’s quite good.

They decided to go see grandma.

Here’s their train.


Chairs and dolls. An afternoon of fun (they had to stop various places to go shopping, etc.)


Easter = Easter Bunny. Easter Bunny may need help.


(Bunnies: These eggs are heavy. I wonder if we overfilled them with chocolate – after all, all we can manage here is 9. Whew. Good thing Mango thought ahead by drawing (and cutting out) a bunny and a helper.) 🙂

These here constitute a creation. It is Mango’s, and the positioning of every magnet cannot be moved without her wrath (I wonder what it means?). She however, does come by and adjust, add, or take away a magnet sporadically



It’s a Masterpiece!

D left here food/shopping list on the kitchen table. She came back to find this added by Mango.


Don’t ask me why it uploaded sideways, it looks just fine on the computer.

Catching snow on her tongue.

Catching snow on her tongue (Mango did too).

They finally decided to go outside *be assured, I was with them the whole time(s)* (and 5 minutes later it began to snow…and snow…and snow). They loved it 🙂

Here they are in our back alley again, digging out a cave for their polar bear home. Certainly wasn’t my idea.


Here they’re trying to be bats.


Quiet! It’s too noisy and bright to get any sleep here.

They made a trail for the Cookie Monster to follow.

Oh my. I guess we had holes in our pockets after all. Hee hee.


Lemon just slides and rolls and crawls everywhere, mostly to cables peeking out from behind expensive equipment or racing ( quite fast) for the stairs. He doesn’t have quite that entertainment problem yet, although reading him dozens of books daily can be quite taxing for D



I’m glad they know how to have and make fun! – on their own.

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