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Caution is … for parents.

M – Not surprisingly, children are unknowing of the consequences, so tend to try (not necessarily safe) things followed by rapid apologies/crying if things go badly.

Lemon wasn’t a fan of the pre-made baby food (except maybe Puffs) (full of blah, boring, bland flavours and …well… mush to be found there). So we carefully give him a diced-up version of what we have. The vegetables are steamed and sliced. the (well cooked) meat is cut into chunks large enough to grab (you know – it develops his pincer (fine motor skills)), but small enough he can slide each piece down his throat without getting stuck. He grabs one – stuffs it into his mouth. Brings over his other hand to try to cram 2 more bits in. Same goes for fruit. There were a dozen pieces there less than two minutes before I took the picture. Honest.

Yummy. More!!

Yummy. More!

Lemon is walking…sort of…with eager (and dangerous) help..


Nectarine is adjusting to being a 3-year-old. She is quite a character. She is just starting to grasp that the gingerbread tokens in Candy Land have a set path to follow.

Posing with her stuffed toy "Pinkie" (maybe because it's pink?)

Posing with their favorite stuffed toys, Pinkie and Shelby

(Pinkie is a pink something, and Shelby is a turtle (with a shell) – go figure)

Mango ran and leaped into reading. Even alone. That alone part seems to make her feel uncomfortable. She is not one for quiet, alone time. For instance, we had the music turned off in our van once, and she asked me to turn it on. She explained that she wanted the music on, because otherwise she would have to talk and she didn’t feel like it.
That’s not to say she doesn’t want us to read to her (she still loves that), but she is now transitioning ‘chapter books’. Chapter books, well, have chapters. She reads them – often more than one in a sitting – to herself, Nectarine, Lemon, us, basically everyone and anyone. I guess that means she is past the ‘transition’ part.

She’s reading Hansel and Gretel to Nectarine.

So Lemon can stand (holding onto stuff of course), crawl up stairs, all that stuff. He just doesn’t crawl – more of a slithery rolling thing.

Here Nectarine was (or so she claimed) helping Lemon stay standing. What do you think?

Don't worry Lemon, I've got you.

Don’t worry Lemon, I’ve got you.

Here’s another example of children going further than may be safe (I guess they assume their parents will always rescue them)


Don't worry. This melting snow is perfectly safe.

Don’t worry. This melting snow is perfectly safe.

She (and Nectarine) reached more than one rooftop in our alley that day. They loved it. I nonchalantly stayed back, giving them their freedom (in reality, I was all tense from being ready to dive under them as the snow crumbled and they fell, screaming for help.

Now, here is an event that tells me something about Nectarine…

Just another corner of our basement...

Just another corner of our basement…

This corner of our basement is the crawl space under our stairs, where Christmas ornaments, old paint (just in case some part of our house needs a touch up – although the touched up part would then look so much better and cleaner that we’d just have to redo the whole area), spider webs, etc. I went downstairs to do some laundry when I found her poking around way in the back there. When asked, she told me she thought I was in there.

No remorse in that face.

No remorse in that face when I caught her.

To be fair though, she asked D where daddy was, and she was told I may be in the basement doing laundry. I wasn’t. When she didn’t see me, she did not return up to lighter and brighter rooms, she chose to delve deeper (into places I couldn’t fit even if I tried). When I did go down moments later and started taking clothes out of the dryer (mere feet away from her), she didn’t stop, didn’t even turn around. Let’s call this being either very focused or very curious…

Thing is, our basement is in shambles with various objects strewn willy-nilly (blame it on our foundation problems).


Let’s just end this post with some nice, safe, family pictures

One of their favorite activities.

One of their favorite activities, story time with D

Are those shark teeth closing around my head?

Don’t I look so cute?

I exercise by playing with our children. My knees can get quite sore.

I exercise by playing with our children. My knees can get quite sore.

For being over 2 years apart, they almost the same height from here.

For being over 2 years apart, they look to be almost the same height here.


Enjoy. I’ll go and think about keeping our children safe while they sleep blissfully and innocently upstairs.

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