Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 9, 2014

Perception – one way of looking at things…

M – Perception is just seeing something from your point of view. Your child dresses herself and looks garish. She thinks she looks a pretty as a princess. You see a muddy puddle, they see ingredients for a mud pie. You see a toy-strewn room, they see a playground. You see a messy table, they see several unfinished crafts/projects. Get the idea?

To illustrate further:

You see a face to clean, he sees a first…non-milk…meal.


I’m eating real food!

You see plastic teeth from the Dollar store, they see scary fangs.


Fear the Nasty Nectarine

You see a museum piece (which they were allowed to climb), they see a canoe fighting a rushing river.


Don’t fall into the water, there’s a bear chasing us!

You see a Nectarine’s first real drawing (as compared to random swipes of a marker across the page), She sees a work of art. (Of which many more are to follow).


Don’t you love it? Great…now what did I draw?

You see a sleeping angel. She was fighting a nap war…and lost.


Watching a movie cosily on the couch works every time 🙂

You see two children playing, she sees herself teaching Lemon how to work the toy.


Now, each button plays a different tune…

Now you see cupcakes on a rented table in a rented room, she sees a perfect number ‘5’ masterpiece created for her birthday.


D – Arrgh! Why won’t these stoopid things line up? Quit with the smearing already!

You see a pile of stuffed animals, they see a zoo.


We can’t put them away! This is where they belong.

You see a Jump-a-Roo thingy close to Nectarine’s head, she sees a tent to ‘read’ in.


I feel so dry. Get out of the rain mommy!

I could go on. However, you get the idea. One last one.

You see love, they feel it.


Not bad for not being staged, right?

Thankfully, there is a lot of love in this house.

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