Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 6, 2014

Rock ‘n’ Roll…and roll…and roll…

M – life has been busy here, every which way one looks.

As you may guess, Mango can now read quite well; Nectarine went from hopping on one foot to sliding headfirst backward off the couch (onto a pillow) (don’t ask me now that transition was made – I think it was encouraged by Mango; Lemon went from rocking back and forth to now rolling over to his destination (even if he doesn’t know what it is before he starts).

Our house is still being tortured, as is our bank accounts. Sure hope it is worth, because after we save up, there are plans in place for numerous other areas in the house. At least the bathtub is a huge hit for everyone here.

I mean, from this (storage bin on the kitchen floor):


Don’t breathe, don’t lean, don’t have fun, you’ll splash!

To this:


Is this our bathtub – for really real?

Granted, the tile and plumbing covers were yet be installed, so no still no splashing yet, but that was just days to away.

D had her birthday at the end of the year, but she was already planning for Mango’s just 10 days hence. The January gathering seemed a success (everyone went home happy).

Looking back a bit, there was much excitement over Christmas – for some. We have an ‘Elf on a Shelf’, which watches over our house from December 1st until Christmas. Every night, he/she goes home to the North Pole and reports to Santa your daily doings. When we first got the elf (last year), it was nameless, so Mango dubbed it Charlie (it’s gender still changes, but is more often on the male side). Every morning when the children come downstairs, they look for him – making sure to never touch him (or he loses his magic), and aware that he can’t talk to them, only to Santa (another magical side effect). Right now, it works. We just sometimes almost forget to make sure the elf has moved in his nightly travels. Sometime in the future I can tell a story about an eager child, a helpless elf, some quick thinking, and some physical contortions. I was sure I had a picture or two, but who knows what happened to them…?

Here we are visiting cousins. A common activity, really.


We’re on a train!

Lemon is just out of sight, upset. He was on the ‘train’ briefly, but didn’t seem to enjoy it. He cried there too.

We had quite a few family visitors over the holidays (not all simultaneously). 4 were from Winnipeg, 4 came from the States, and 1 came from Saskatchewan (D’s side); 5 from Winnipeg, 2 from just outside Winnipeg, and 6 from Alberta. Of those 22, 12 were cousins. Crazy times.

Want to see Grandma dance?


Just a blur of frenzied motion

I’ll update more in the future, as a new month just began a few days ago (it’s February now)

Maybe I’ll just upload pictures. It’s easier.

How about some Christmas pictures? Here.


Focused and proud of their creation


Multi-lingual Santa and wife. They Sign too.


What would Christmas be without children?

Christmas (and other holidays) tend to highlight what we love.


Lemon’s first Christmas

I really dislike putting up the tree and lights (I know what my father meant now), but I love the effect it has on our children and family – even the extended one.


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