Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 26, 2013

(Icy?) Glass ceiling.

M – Mango is on the cusp of reading (with very little guidance); Nectarine went from almost jumping to teeny hops (more stumbles really) to hopping on one foot. Crossing the other leg behind if supported; Lemon can roll over… sort of. He goes from tummy to back readily, but his outstretched arm tends to get in the way when trying from his back. They are breaking our ideas of who they are and evolving/metamorphosing into newer versions of themselves. I`m not sure I`m ready.

Mango and Nectarine finished their swimming lessons ( Mango also finished her skating and gymnastics lessons too). Just in time for their 2 week holiday (with blizzard weather outside). Whee.

Christmas was tiring but good. The Eve was spent with D’s side (1+4+4+5 = 14), the following day was spent at M’s (2+6 (plus dog)+5+5 = 18 1/2). Whew.
Semi-random pictures upcoming. Don’t know why these letters look italicized, but so be it.
Nectarine stopped crying after for the whole session after their first class. The second had still quite upset and unsure, but at least she didn’t cry for the entire half-hour.
They didn`t worry about bugs or worms or miscellaneous droppings.
Only one class had her fall down hard enough she cried (first fall that class). When given the option by us, she chose to go on. By now (it did not take long) she is probably better than me. No surprise there though. She teaches me sign language and I had a hard time staying ahead of her in Spanish and French. At least I think she`s forgotten those already.
That pumpkin has definitely been a favorite for whoever wears it. Just like Mango, Nectarine wore it for days before and after All Hallows Eve.
OOoooOOoo. Did I scare you? Did I?
After creating such an elaborate costume, he stayed home anyway.
We tried mini-golf (I add this even though I was an Advent calendar activity)
It was moderately successfully, although rules went mostly unheeded, children climbed everything, climbed golf scenery, and hands/putter was used to `guide` balls closer to holes (Mango consistently got 3 points for every hole).
So I am a bit behind. Do not judge me.
Do not want mix up the Christmas time with the months before though. I`ve already spent 2 hours drying my eyes and hurting my back front of this screen.
Merry Christmas anyway. After all, it is December 26th as I add this post.

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