Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 27, 2013

Nectarine anyone?

M – I don’t know what to put here that’ll segue pictures and thoughts together, but as I am just trying to start-up my deficient blog, back off. For some reason every picture has Nectarine in it, and as I have spent yet another two or so hours here, there is no way I am going to change them or add more (to make the child exposure more equal)


Full of energy and excited for ‘Story Time’ at our local library

I say local library as it is only three or so blocks from our house. You can’t see it, but I’ll have you know there was a gale force wind that day which managed to be in my face (and finding unknown ways into my jacket) both coming and going. Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, but her cheeks were definitely rosy and it sure felt hot chocolate worthy out there.


It’s not easy sleeping with a mean wind and bright sun in your face. She managed.

Speaking of sleeping, both she and Lemon managed yesterday, when something that sounded like a jack hammer was tearing apart our bathroom upstairs. Hopefully I’ll remember to upload some before and after pictures (after all, while our life seems to revolve our children, stuff does happen without them).


Another ‘Story Time’ at a different library (which we just observe and keep the peace)

Thank goodness for free libraries (and extra thingies they do for children). Even so, we have oodles of book at home anyway (D and I used to be avid readers – before children – of books without pictures).

If that’s not enough, even the floors are nice too.


This was between stairs and the outside door

She didn’t actually sleep there, I think she is just a tactile person who wanted to ‘examine’ another texture.

That was that.

Lest you think we lead a sedentary life, here is a picture of people ready to burn off some energy.


Nearly not afraid anymore

The first two classes Nectarine cried nonstop. now she smiles and ‘high-fives’ the instructor.

To assuage my conscience, as they are doing a bit less now, every week:

  • Mango has story time (just ending for Christmas now),  gymnastics, gymnastics at school, as well as swimming and skating lessons.
  • Nectarine has two ‘Story Times’ (also on hiatus until January) and swimming.

Life is expensive already. Wait until Lemon can move and actually do stuff…

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