Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 21, 2013


M – While a puddle-jumper as I remember it meant a small plane that made short hops to many out-of-the-way places, that is not what I meant here.


In search of puddles that are splash-worthy

This picture and any with puddles in them were taken around April 10th. Just saying…


This is more like it 🙂

It was worth buying those splash pants after all. Even though the Spring thaw usually only lasts a few days, children get soaked. Not when bathing though. I guess cold muddy water is so much nicer than warm clean water.

Nectarine loves picking up rocks (much as Mango did at her age). Since the ones she picked tended to be immersed in water, her mitts got soaked before I had time to take pictures. Didn’t seem to mind though. Cried at the injustice when trying to persuade her to part with them.


There are not just puddles back here. Look at what I found, Mango!

Whenever we went out (D always seemed busy inside, so I was the de facto choice), there seemed to be a mean north wind. Made it a bit less fun for me. Especially since my shoes have holes in them. 😦 Didn’t faze our explorers though.


Look at me hop! Splash!

As Nectarine hasn’t got the hang of jumping yet, she just stomped through the water. Still worked though. When I finally convinced them to go inside, I was surprised to pour water out of their wading boots. You’d think splash pants and big boots would keep them dry. Wrong.

They went out twice that week. The following week we didn’t have to worry about them freezing in icy water.

It snowed. A lot.


Crazy weather = happy children

It was not fun (for adults), considering the snow pictures were taken more than a week after the watery pictures.


Little 2-year-old Nectarine was taller than me in this picture

The neighbours were nice enough to let us use their yard, as ours is a war zone – lots of money and men fighting a settling foundation = a yard of mess and mud.

For some reason Mango loved it when I picked her up and tossed her into the deep snow. I didn’t. Throwing 4 1/2 year-olds gets tiring rapidly.


Nectarine is comfy on the snow, Mango is getting ready for another throw.

The afternoon ended with them very happy and me digging through the snow (for the second time), looking for Mango’s boot.

They slept well those nights. I was tired and sore. Definitely feeling my age. 😉

However, I know these times are something I’ll miss when we are no longer central to our children’s life. 😦 Best enjoy everything we have.

Snowy smiles, M.


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