Posted by: simplyscrambled | February 10, 2013

Get out!

M – We all left the indoors and went outside yesterday. We had fun and nobody was left behind (either at home or outside). By my reckoning, we have many days with scheduled activities, so it was nice to get out as a family and just have fun. It was a busy day and they slept well that night (even if they did get up at 7:27 a.m. the following morning)

As it was so surprisingly nice out, we took them to a nearby hill so they could do some sledding. I am very happy we have one only 3 blocks away. 3 long blocks.


Finally suited up and ready to go.

Nectarine did smile much more after she realized she was getting pulled the entire way there.


Hey, this might be actually fun. 🙂

Nec was happy to be pulled and I was happy not to have to do it…


Easy, right? Well, I wasn’t running yet.

I wasn’t quite as happy to tote the heavier one  – who kept urging me to ‘run daddy, run!’ while adding friction by either dragging her feet or hands in the snow beneath her.


Showing Nectarine how it’s done

This time there were no overturned sleds (unlike last year). While Mango didn’t mind being dumped in the snow and being run over last year, it never fails that she warns us not make her to go down the part of the hill again where she hit her head ‘and needed medicine…not that I remember it anymore’. True, she did go straight into a pole-ish thing (let’s just say it wasn’t me who pushed down that time), but she didn’t need any assistance (aside from a hug, kiss, and an apology).


Can I be nervous?

They had fun, although having Mango in the back caused the sled to swing around (as she was heavier) about half way down and continue on backwards.


See? They ended up in reverse

They certainly had fun.


Let’s just say that it is very tiring running up a hill dragging a child behind you

After about 5 trips down though, Mango asked if we could stop and go home yet. No arguments here. 😉


Nectarine; just chilling as I pulled her up yet again

No pictures of our trip home, as D was pulling Nectarine somewhere ahead of us while Mango alternated between rolling out of her sled (causing us to stop) and urging me to run and catch up to the others.

*My next post should include a form of playdough, so for she who was promised it today by D, don’t worry, it’s coming*

Creak. 😉



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