Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 11, 2013

Reaching for the sky

M – Well, I did say last time this would be mini-post. Doesn’t make the uploading and editing of photos faster though. The title was one of a number I pondered on before settling for this one. ‘Personal growth’ was another, as was ‘Rise up, rise up’. I’d put my reasons in here, but it would just be a ramble and more to read before enjoying the pictures. Suffice it to say, she loved our presents (the boxes, anyway).

Quick but important note. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY MANGO!

On to the pictures. While there are not many picture of her now, I’m sure my camera-happy sister will take lots on Saturday. 😉

Another sisterly snuggle. I’d show the one where they are both actually sleeping, but then you’d miss out on the teddy. Mango has one too, but it’s wrapped in the green blanket (still her favorite – from when she was young enough to be swaddled in it). They definitely know which one is theirs though and get mighty upset when snagged by the other (although they have been offered in the past to make the other feel better/stop crying, etc).


Still fitting together on the couch. For now.

Who knows what goes through Nectarine’s head. she lies down everywhere, no matter what the surface. She’s lain down (looking comfortable too) on hard floors, carpet, mall hallways, couches & all sorts of furniture, stairs (or would that be steps?) in our house, the kitchen, snow, grass, and the list goes on. Still, cribs and soft furniture (or people) are usually the surfaces of choice.


Just she and her teddy, somewhere in her mind.

I don’t know what to say. Very tactile girl.

Mango wasn’t so much mad as worried Nectarine would break the box by climbing on it.


Just sitting cross-legged, with her silent steady gaze upon me

Right after the picture, she tried getting on too. Not happy when told she couldn’t (she is a bit bigger/heavier). It was Christmas so she was easily distracted (and besides, there was an elf [Charlie] watching her from the tree).


A clump of Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and 2 birthdays to those at home and those out wherever you may be ♥


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