Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 2, 2013

A Numbers Game

M – So many numbers to remember around here right now.

  • 24th – Christmas Eve
  • 25th – Christmas Day
  • 26th – Boxing Day
  • 31st – New Year’s Eve
  • 31st – D’s birthday (she turns 33)
  • 1st – New Year’s Day
  • 10th – Mango’s birthday (she turns 4)

Don’t worry. More are coming up soon enough.


Sharing D’s cake

Oddly enough, there were not enough candles on her cake (just 7, not the 30+)

Sadly, she baked the cake for her own birthday (bad me). Guess she realized one made by me would be a disaster – especially if helped by our girls.


We loved the cake. They liked the cake.

While they do crave sweet things, they are just as happy eating fruits and healthier things. One of their favorites is still frozen corn. Go figure.

The cake was an angel food cake, which led to Mango saying that she was an angel too (later amended to being an almost angel), because her Opa called her an ‘angel foot’ (don’t ask; he called my oldest sister that too – I think he still does 🙂 ).

Moving on to everyday events.

Nectarine loves to help washing Mango’s hair.Step one:


Lather up…


Can’t forget washing behind those ears


.. et viola! Le piece de resistance, non?

Aside from the eyes being in mid-blink, it is not an unusual way to see Nectarine. She seems to love opening her mouth as wide open as possible – for no reason. It’s not like she is near food or anything.


Just warming up. Missed a good picture moments later

She’s an interesting one. Unplugging everything, sticking stuff in the DVD player, opening up the printer, putting clothespins on her fingers (not the painful side though), carrying a small bouncy ball everywhere (instead of a blanket or some such thing). Sitting quietly in a corner (by choice), lying down on a floor/carpet/pillow/anything in the middle of playing – just because.


’nuff said


Only put on here because it was the first picture in 2013 I took – and to illustrate Nectarines penchant to stop and drop.


Do you mind? You’re interrupting my down time.

Belated *cough* 29th birthday to you D.

I love you and always will. *smooch*


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