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2 for 1

M – Seeing that it is the end of the year, many items are on sale (Boxing Week sales). Thus the meaning of the title could quite possibly be about how to save money – sort of a buy one, get one free. Of course it isn’t any such thing. 😉

This is about how two young girls love each other and are friends even though neither are yet 4 years old. Recently, when I gave Nectarine the choice of walking in the mall with me or Mango, she chose the latter. They play together, fight and make up together, grow up together.

Just doing some mall-walking

As further proof, here they go again – Santa hunting

We’re right here Santa! Yoohoo, Santa!

Oooh Santa has a village with trees. No reindeer though – where’s Rudolph?

Imagination and possibilities therein are wonderful.

I wish at this point to thank and applaud the efforts of my wife, D, who helped the children enjoy their magic moments every step of the way.


Different than the usual chocolate Advent calendar, D had a craft or activity for each day. They were so excited to open up the daily surprise. This one said ‘choo choo’ (Mango is on the cusp of reading) to depict all of us going an a mini-train ride outside, driving through colourful lights, and soaking in more of the spirit of the season.

She introduced an elf… This elf was named Charlie by Mango (still not sure of the gender as it changed daily). The idea was that as Santa was too busy to watch every child all day all Christmas long, some lucky elves were chosen by him to visit one particular household daily. Overnight, the elf would report back to Santa about what was seen – both the good deeds and the bad. Every morning our children searched throughout the house for Charlie, for while he did come back, he always reappeared in a different spot. The smart part was that the elf could not be touched as it would lose its power to fly and thus return to the North Pole. So while it didn’t speak, Mango and Nectarine were welcome to talk/whisper/tell secrets to it. Every time I got too close, Mango would pull my arm away, saying in concerned tone that if I touched Charlie, the ‘magical’ (she insisted it was magical, not magic) would be lost. It was cute watching her tell Charlie about her day, etc.


Charlie’s ‘hiding’ in the tree to oversee the present opening.


Another perfect Christmas moment

There was your usual bickering over presents, but remember, they aren’t even 2 or 4 yet, respectively.

Aside from our bonding time, I thought I’d throw in a few more related photos (seeing as it takes me forever to post anything anymore.

Here’s Mango at her dance/ballet recital doing an actual rehearsed move. Their routine was totally in shambles before it began. It was something about a ‘Chipmunk Christmas’ (Alvin, etc., I gather), but I didn’t actually catch any of the music. Mango is fourth from the right when looking at her (beside the girl in black).


See? crossed legs just like I was taught. 🙂

Testing pre-baked cookies.


We’re helping. See how straight our lines are?


Just watching and waiting

Bringing Opa to his knees. All she did was pat the floor beside her.


Non-verbal, very convincing

He read 5 books to her while sitting on a chair. Some more on the ground. It took longer to creak back upright than it did to do the actual storybook stuff. He admitted he was surprised and is still not quite sure how she pulled it off.


Doesn’t look too comfy there 🙂

Doesn’t she look so innocent there? She is quite a sneaky girl. Oma noted that when it came down to a power struggle between Nectarine and Mango, Nectarine never lost. Interesting.


Surrounded by toys

Quite the day/week we had.


That ornament has my face surrounded by pink. How did he know?

Santa sent Mango a special personalized message. She answered as though he was actually there, talking to her. She promised to practice reading and be good to Nectarine. She must have watched that thing 20 or more times.

Even with all these memorable times, the season was kept short and quiet, most of it involving the 4 of us.

Love and happy memories to all,


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