Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 8, 2012

Weighing in.

Just so you know, this post was started in August. Shows you how far back it is easy to let things fall behind.

M – Our two girls are very dissimilar. If one didn’t know better they would think they had two different sets of  parents. One is more verbally expressive, the other rich in gestures. Lest you think it is because of age, Mango was already talking (even if only two-word sentences) at the present age of Nectarine. One is more physical, the other cries over non-existent ‘owies’ (can you guess which is which?). The hard part about capturing this on film is because we instinctively rush to the hurting on in an attempt to help rather than run the other way to get a camera to capture the moment.


My head hurts. I can’t help it. here comes another tear.

Her distraction (the pain) doesn’t last long though


Less than a minute later (I checked), she is already calming down.

That was back in August. I remember being told about her falling over leaving daycare. Wiping out on the sidewalk, she got up and kept going, basically ignoring the scrape on her face (it did draw a bit of blood).

Mango is far different – Oma remarks that some people are more sensitive than others (meaning – to heat/cold/rough clothing/loud sounds, etc). While she does go to the bathroom in public toilets, she asks we not flush for her before she leaves the bathroom (loud flushing sounds there).

* Fastforwarding to now (as if the Christmas tree didn’t give it away) 😉 *

However different they may be, they certainly love each other. For Nectarine’s limited speech development, daddy is da-aa, mommy is ma-aa, and Mango is ma-ya (seriously). She gets called over far more often than we do and they certainly love each other. spontaneous hugging both in public AND at home is a good sign.

Relaxing before bed. No TV, no running around, Just enjoying the moment

That picture was taken very quietly. They were also play wrestling about a minute later. However, least you think is was doctored or forced, here is another, taken 24 hours, 16 minutes earlier.


Just wanting to be close.

They wanted to be close, even though we were on couches about a foot away. One child each. Lots of snuggle room. Nope middle of floor, together.

Last item of love-ly evidence . . . (for now)


These are almost as good as Grandma’s. They still make my tension melt away. Mmmm.

Must go off to bed.

Good thing we’re not paid by the number of posts put up. Not that I get paid at all 😉


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