Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | October 25, 2012

Monkey Speak, Monkey Do

M – Mango has an extensive vocabulary (considering her age – around 3 1/2 years old), while Nectarine is becoming quite proficient at signing. I think she is getting better at me, although mine are easier to decipher (however, she is just past 1-years-old, so I’ll cut her some slack). Mango only stops talking when she is sleeping (or singing). even if the content is meaningless (fabricated words), she just doesn’t stop. Nectarine tends to be quieter, but just as hard to ignore when she wants her presence known. If you don’t follow her 2+ signing word sentences, she grabs you by a finger to where she wants to show you something (and who can resist the pull of a 17ish month old toddler?). The pictures show how she is working on figuring things out – very vehemently – without help. Even so, the pictures are mainly here because I’m trying to catch up without leaving too many gaps. It was still the end of summer when these were taken.

Copying her older sister. She even tries sitting (in her diapers).

Good thing the potty was empty (and clean).

Step 2…

She figured out the flushing part.

Okay. Almost done.

We have to slide it back into the right spot for her, but she is almost there (aside from the diaper and actual usage of said potty).

Just a cute picture, wouldn’t you agree?

Is it Spring yet? Flowers and butterflies are so pretty.

More later, the computer is …um… needed.

Hope these pictures sufficed for now (considering they were taken at the beginning of August). Bad me.

Enjoy 😉

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