Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 7, 2012

Monkey see, monkey do…sometimes.

M – Just some pictures showing regular life here. Luckily our two girls get along well with each other mostly. So, while Mango mothers Nectarine (from scolding to hugging), Nectarine copies as much as she can of what Mango does, getting frustrated (loudly) when she – for some unknown reason – cannot do everything her sister can. I’d say it’s about 75-95% peaceful between the two.

One wants to read, the other pretends to. šŸ™‚

Nectarine is exploding mentally (not in a bad way). She communicates a lot by pointing and grunting, but she can say at least a dozen words intelligibly and understandsĀ much, muchĀ moreĀ (does that count as an explosion? – this is my post, so if I say it does, it does). She says things such as “up, duck (the animal, not action), boo (as in peek-a-boo), Dada (interspersed with Dad), Ma… (the endĀ  – MaMAĀ is still missing), baww (ball), etc. Aside from having learned a few signs, she also gets her point across nonverbally (without signing ASL). For example, if she wants to go outside, she stands by the outer door and waits. If that isn’t clear enough, she brings over her shoes. If we’re still too thick, she brings over our shoes too. Finally, she pulls us to the door. Clear enough?

Climbing up to a window and pointing outside – guess why.

Now who is generally fastidious and who dives right in?

Um, Nec, they’ll make you have a bath…

Nectarine is far more inquisitive. She turns so many things on and off (PVR, alarm clocks, white noise machines, fans, computers… well, you get the idea). Anything she can reach, she will. Unlike Mango – who hides in another room (or preferably on another floor) when the vacuum cleaner starts, Nectarine heads straight for it and tries pushing anything that looks like buttons or switches. Doesn’t even move out of the way. Sheesh.

Even the carpet shampooer has no effect on her

Still, they do play together a lot.

‘Hiding’ under a table together

Mango still doesn’t have the concept behind hide-and-go-seek quite yet. Nectarine just followed her under there.

Helping out again, this time in the kitchen, which worked out better than I’d hoped.

Doesn’t that look yummy? Eat up.

Building a block tower together

Playing together, oblivious to us.

Of course, afterwards, Nectarine gets to be the ‘Tower Toppler’. Grwarh!

Mango noticed Nectarine on the top of the stairs (a scary picture to take with her being so far away)

A long flight of stairs. Another adult was nearby – I think

Mango would have none of it and rushed up to protect her baby sister (who had no intention of going down as she had just gone up to see what some shiny toy was).

Blocked the stairwell with her body (legs)

Not sure if she could haveĀ done much, but at least she tried.

To girls living the moment and loving it

(For those who noticed, there really IS a ‘naked dance’ song – as composed and sung by her grandma…)

It seems to me our family is overflowing with love. I love it. šŸ˜€


  1. Girls are growing! Super cute & love the curls:)

  2. Thanks. I know I think so, but I’m glad you approve. It’s not like I am doing all that much in that area :p
    Hugs Tanya; hope life is wonderful on your side of the city.

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