Posted by: simplyscrambled | August 6, 2012


M – Some say ‘Silence is Golden’. I just find it very quiet. This house will be empty (unless you count me) until mid-August. I do know that for the first while, all the surrounding silence did was have me anticipating family opening the door. While I may not be a play structure right now, neither do children come running (or toddling) to the door when I return, saying how they missed me, asking (in one way or another) for hugs. Life is pretty sweet then.

‘What needs to be done next’  thoughts are lurking back there in my brain. I wander the house and notice the lack of mess and noise. It is disquieting. However, by tomorrow I am sure it will feel normal-er and more relaxing. However, it does little for blogging. Taking pictures of silence is harder and not as fun as my children. So, suffer people. 😉

Trying to convince Mango that water outside is fun; even if it doesn’t count as a bath.

Preparing to dislike what ended up being fun.

All she fought was getting back out.

While they ended up loving the Splash Pools (or was that wading pools?), they never warmed up to the Splash Pads. – To clarify, the pads involved water shooting and squirting and splashing out of various pipe-y mechanisms, the other just involved getting in water (like a smaller version of the shallow end of a pool).

I may have to get in, but I don’t have to get wet. 🙂

She managed to make it all the way across without getting wet. Artful dodger. 🙂

At least she’s near the water.

Not surprisingly, I got the wettest that day (in my opinion). Had to show them the water was fine (but oh so cold), and that the surprise spurts were meant to be fun, not mean. After all, they had a lot less problems with the sprinkler at home.

Later in the day I ended up spinning Mango and a girl named Katie (I’d never seen her before). She was about 2 years older and 2 years heavier. I thought I was doing  a good thing, giving a child a good time, but someone smarter than me (might have been D, but who remembers these trivial things) made a good point. How comfortable would I have been if a stranger grabbed a child of mine and flung her about (slight dramatization there). That set me back. Also, her father spun her around about twice before stopping ’cause he was winded. So now, to compound the ‘stranger  taking my child’ factor, I felt guilty for making the other guy have to exercise more that he seemed to want to.  Besides, I didn’t even ask for permission. I left them in their own world, training for ‘mermaid school’.

By the end of the day there were a number of tired people. only a select few got a back-scratch though. There must’ve been an age or height cut-off or something. :p Here’s one of them.

How can you beat a grandma back-scratch?

Meanwhile, two other minds thought alike later that night (Mango snuck into bed).

They even sleep the same way. So cute. 🙂

I slept on a mattress on the floor that night (for different reasons, [medical – hers, not mine] that may or may not come up in the future). Sounded better when I didn’t explain it. 😦



  1. hey there – come on over any time if you start to feel a little lonely with your girls away….

  2. I would, but it’s just so hectic here. Too bad there is no-one for your children to babysit – although I’m sure their grandparents and great-grandfather are more than happy to spend time with them back home.

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