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M – 1st: My last post (April Fool’s) was in no way meant to portray the “Teddy Bear Picnic” in a bad light. While I wrote more about the rain than anything else (to be fair, it seems cursed with bad weather almost every year), we did have fun, and more importantly, so did our children (mostly Mango). Her favourite teddy is still sporting the bandage it got there.

2nd: Regarding our ongoing problem with not being able to transfer pictures from our camera to the computer, it has been solved. My excuse now is filtering, editing, and sorting through the many pictures we once again have.

Anyway, onwards we go.

This post begins with puzzles and how frustrating it is to finally finish … only to find there is one last missing piece. It was there just a minute ago. It may be just a 24 piece, 500, 1000 piece or more; but it is always makes for a chafing, irksome, noticeable difference. My eyes keep getting drawn back to the hole.

This leads me to the real thought I have been having. D is not here. In her place she left a void. She is in the hospital. Waiting for an upcoming surgery. I  am here, waiting for her to come back and finish our family puzzle. Without her, the picture is just not complete.

From 2009, with Mango…

Only 2 days after birth #1

3 months, 9 days after birth

We still were naive about the years to come

Browsing our oh so numerous photos, it seems Mango started walking in December 2009. So, around 11 months or so. I wonder when Nectarine did. Guess I’ll have to keep going through these pictures.

December 1st. No Christmas picture this.

While the above was not a ‘Christmas Family Photo’, we did get some – not that we sent scads of cards or anything.

Is she starting to look like the 2012 Mango yet?

That picture was taken in April 2010

Enjoying the front lawn (aah) of the house we’d only moved into a week ago

Freedom! Not as many stores, sights, and busy streets, but a nice lawn, bigger abode, and at least 3 playgrounds within walking distance. Also, not that we *cough* went, there was a 7-Eleven at the end of the street.

Imitating mommy.

She loved any time she was able to have with mommy. What with moving over (of course, unpacking had a long way to go), she had a chance to explore the neighbourhood with her.

The only thing that’s better than a mommy back-scratch is a grandma one – barely

Life changed again March 2011.

One day post-Nectarine

Our sweet Nectarine arrived March 6th, 2011. Lest ye think it was a surprise, think again. We thought about it and planned this over a year ago.

Bathing just got fun…

Before this, Mango absolutely hated the bathtub and fought to get out before she even got wet. Having a younger sister there changed the experience.

We were tired and happy. There were about 7 other unseen people in the house

D'you realize just how hard it was to get a picture of all of them?

D’you realize how hard it was to get a picture of all of them together? Sheesh. Slow down people.

A sandbox in a playground is much nicer than in the front yard. Just saying.

So, each picture was around 2 or 3 months apart, dating back to January 2009. Just put those in there to illustrate how important and needed D has been throughout this ongoing journey.

I would write more between pictures, but it is late (work awaits too early in the morning) and I wanted to get this post done before D gets back from the hospital.

Hurry home. Please?


  1. Tell Deidre, I’m thinking of her, if there is anything you guys need, please let me know, say hi to those cute girls from my boys 🙂 Nola

  2. Consider the offer and greeting passed on. Thanks. 🙂

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