Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 14, 2012

Reaching for more

M – This post began with no firm idea. I browsed over the last few months of pictures and noticed how curious Nectarine can be. However, being curious is normal. She tries all our remotes and phones in hopes of getting things to work (our defunct and decoy ones do not fool her). She found our PVR and figured out she can turn it on and off by herself.  She dissects books. She climbs around, over, through cables to try to take things out (our nightlight upstairs has to be put back in every evening). she assembles Mega Bloks® long enough to push them over (she is our Tiny Tower Toppler). She cries with frustration when she cannot do something she feels she should be able to. She doesn’t rest until she achieves her goal the pictures below. You get the idea. As I remember it (and D too), Mango didn’t much care to ferret out interesting things or explore areas that should be out of reach. The first time she tried going down stairs, she held my hand and stepped. She looked quite indignant (and surprised) when her foot did not reach the carpeted step below.

What’s this? Salvagable treasure! How can I get it?

Let’s see. If pulling won’t work; maybe pushing will…

Yogurt sure is slippery – maybe that’s why the containers are too.

(Eventually) nothing can escape the piercing eyes and steely grasp of Nectarine.

Getting it was easy (sort of). Now to make my escape!

Deciding on what to use her trophy for.

Testing it on the nearest (covered, natch) plug-in.

Lookit me! Uh oh. It’s a bit slippery up here. *gulp*

– Not related to Nectarine’s adventure above. I made another spectacular rescue of Mango at a playground recently. She climbed up a bug-like structure quite high. She liked it up there. Holding up her hands, she said “I’m KING in the world”. She then wanted to get down. I supported her a bit. She felt too safe. I twisted my body in unhealthy ways to get under her enough to ease her to the gravel below. That big bug thing had rib things rubbing my rib things. she ended up sitting softly on the gravel. I went from being stretched across the back of the bug to slamming my shoulder into something (kind of a blank there). I proceeded to whap my head and crumple on the gravel beside her. She asked why I was acting funny, I suggested she not go on that structure any more that day. People at work still ask me how I got such a big bruise on my upper arm. Some even asked if I had upset a larger participant. no work site injury for me though.

I thought children got the bruises through growing up. Doesn’t say anything in manual about parents getting hurt (physically) than them. 😉



  1. I loved the photo documentation of N’s exploits. And that last photo of M. That one’s a keeper for sure.

  2. Nectarine in a complicated nutshell.
    Mango climbed higher than the girl who showed her how.
    I hugged the gravel again. *rolls eyes*

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