Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 1, 2012

An Apple a day…

M – Seeing as how our computer is refusing to recognize our camera memory cards now (and we lost misplaced our charger…again), I was reminded that the Apple Ipod (cell phone) also takes pictures. Even though I have last year’s model (the plan and phone was cheaper [aka free – but there is still the monthly fee of course]), the camera is adequate. Thus we have some more pictures. Not as good, but I am finding it very handy. Before when I wished I had to camera to capture a moment, I just whip out my handy-dandy phone (almost alway on my person) and click away. There is even some video on there – which will not make it on here as then we’d have to pay – which is a nice bonus.

One less excuse reason for our not taking pictures. Even though over half are erased because they are blurry (speedy children), it still leaves us with a few pictures to stick on the computer and slap on here.

Up the stairs...and...

...and down again.

A quick power-nap

...and off we go

Not a food critic; a food lover

Colouring. A serious art form.

These hidden object books are tough

Mmm. Soft pillows. Can't go wrong.

So tired

Bye-bye baby; hello toddler.


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