Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 26, 2012

Special is where you find it

M – Also, in Mango’s case, it is where you imagine it to be (she fights to be mommy’s ‘special helper’). She even wants myself and Nectarine to stay home while she and D go food shopping. Since she hit 3, she seems to have developed so much more everywhere. This is not saying Nectarine’s progress is any less fascinating (just less visual).

Cannot deny the sisterly love between them though. It appears torturous when Mango yanks, pulls, squeezes, pushes, and more … but Nectarine loves it. When she is grumpy or unhappy, chances are good that Mango can make her laugh.

Don't you worry, I'll get her smile back.

They are actually having fun here.

Self-care is important

Nectarine and mirrors. This one is great and we started using it quite coincidentally. Changing styles in our entryway involved taking a large mirror off the door. We had nowhere to put it, so we leaned it up a nearby wall. Our children loved it, and it has yet to be discarded. Trash and treasure in one. How can you beat that? 🙂

Side note – I started this a while back (February/March) , but forgot it as time passed. So, after adding more pictures and fleshing out the text, here it is, almost brand new.


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