Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 18, 2012

Good memories and bad ones too

M – I read a comment on the last post. Figured I should scrape up some pictures of less happy faces. However, few were to be found. I’ll try find more in the future. As for now, my gripe is that our memory cards are not transferring pictures from our camera to the computer (it happened once in the past too). Grrr. This results in fewer posts (honest – I had one ready April 7th). Not a lot more posts, but some. :P. Seriously though, we even bought a new memory card too just in case. Nothing. It has happened before and it is not nice.

Some things missed:

  • Nectarine’s first steps – she is still wobbly and prefers to hug a wall or lunge for anything stationary nearby. Stood alone for first time in bathtub, I think. Go figure.
  • Her first word – aside from ‘Dada’ (no ‘Mama’ yet), she blurted out ‘ice’ when asked if she wanted more ice cream today.
  • Mango’s first school music concert (sort of). Parents were allowed to watch them have a music class for 45 minutes a short while age.
  • Her blowing bubbles with her mouth (and nose) … in the bathtub.
  • Her first school pictures.
  • …and more…

So; some relatively (no pun intended) random recent pictures.

Who needs adults when one has older siblings to mimic?

Can you guess who is older? Cuter? Be honest now. 🙂

Another pillow sighted; another pillow hugged

Love for everyone and more. However, life is wearying.

Mmmm, Comfy. Don't every exercise { ;-) }

Being the centre of not just one life, but a family of four is extremely tiring. Especially with a one sick and another recovering child.

Some days you wonder why – but …

  • Mango is able to use a tricycle and many other interesting things (both scholarly and athletically)
  • Nectarine has progressed from slithering to crawling to sidling (upright) on any stable furniture to where she now can walk, she just choses not too. Lazy or efficient?
  • Mango is still excited to have me home (“I’m SO glad you’re here Daddy, I missed you ALL day). Also, she wants to take the bus with me after school, not get a ride in a warm van. We’ll see how long that lasts.
  • Nectarine loves to crawl along and plunk down any pillow within reach. I which I had a picture of her squeezing under a chair to make it far enough to plunk herself down once again…on a board game box.
  • and the list goes on.

Beep beep. Coming through!

Still here and trying – when I get up enough energy to add more (thus including you a bit in our life).



  1. I guess M did end up having a tummy bug?

  2. Oh yeah. She (as you are well aware) threw up at the pizza party. She made it home, but we nearly ran out of clean sleepwear before the night was over. She got her bed, tried to get ours (I caught most in a waste basket and the rest on my arm), hoisted her over the kitchen sink just in time (although she threw up in there, it caused another wet accident in my arms and on kitchen floor). Who knew she had it in her? 😉

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