Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 3, 2012

A rhyme to excuse a crime

M –

So many pictures with no time for posts
so rarely here, it’s like we are ghosts
To not have to think (and use up my brain)
I will just type out this rhyming refrain

Like our matching chairs?

This picture reminds me of one taken of Mango around the same age

Almost all the snow gone, almost a month before officially being Spring. Amazing.

Mango, finding water on the way to the playground

Redefining the meaning of styling products

What one does with shampoo, the other does without. 🙂

No need for hair products here

Watching, learning…

Sometimes showing is better than explaining

…and doing!

This is tougher than it looks

Saw it, saved it, showed it.

Those are pictures of some good times.

Rarely do we take pictures of bad ones (after all, the children need caring for, not making them wait while we get a good shot of them crying).




  1. Oh, I don’t know. Those tantrum pictures can be mighty funny. I have one of Julia lying upside down on the stairs with her arms crossed and her face beet purple.

  2. That picture would be great to see. I can picture her doing it too. 😀
    We have tantrums here, but have yet to coordinate timing for camera-ready moments. 🙂

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