Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 21, 2012

Pillow talk

M – Mango loved (and still has a favourite) blanket(s). Nectarine has a passion for pillows. Plunk a pillow (or soft foam chair) in front of her and she will be happy. She checks to see if you are watching (and if you appreciate how comfy the pillows are), then dives face-first into the soft pile.

Watch, watch. This is a pillow! I'm on it!

D'ya think she'll love the outdoors as much as Mango?

Waking from brief catnap on covered pillow with sock monkey

Playing with a toy - near her favourite pillow

D tends to call her a chipmunk as she has a tendency to sit on her calves with her hands together in front of her. Much like a chipmunk. Just look at the picture already.

One way to observe the goings-on around her.

I think she is enjoying some quiet time here, without having to share pillow space

That was just a quick update. Have to go, as life is calling.


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