Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 12, 2012


M – (The post started a few weeks ago but took a while to get through)

No awards given out here, but unaffected cuteness should have one – and our children should have some. Just saying. We are biased, but strangers have come up to us commenting on how polite/cheerful/nice/cute/etc. she/they are.

At the bottom of the hill, the sled overturned. Mango loved it. Since it was snowing that day, she still thinks we can only go sledding when it is snowing outside.

Sledding mishap

Who knows what she was thinking.

Hi. Will you play with me?

A born multitasker

Holding 2, reaching for a 3rd something

Whle this picture doesn’t really show it, Nectarine has the whole ‘peek-a-boo’ thing down pat.

Mango helping Nectarine, not that it helps 😉

Be right back; just hanging on to life for a moment.


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