Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 10, 2012

Beautiful butterfly?

M – Grumble. We are deep within in the Digital Age, whether we want it or not.

We are in the slow and expensive process of improving our house. Owning a house seems to invite problems. Last winter our hot water tank burst at the seam; recently we replaced out boiler (being proactive as it was over 50 years old and its’ lifespan was 30-50 years.

Family-wise, our not quite 3 year-old Mango is embracing the role of being a big sister/cousin. When someone asked her recently her age, she proudly stated she was almost 3 and Not Young Anymore. It is all perspective, I suppose. A pair of twin cousins live in the area and they often have a chance to spend some time either here or there. She bustles about, making sure all three babies always have a toy nearby. What is cute is that her male cousin seems to absolutely dote on her. He crawls after her, sits and stares at her, keeps smiling at her, etc.

Mango continues to be a mother. When she comes into a room where Nectarine is crying, she tells her it is okay because she is here now. When D was feeling ill (having chills and aching everywhere), Mango put her own blanket on her and made sure she was hugging her favourite teddy bear (she also said that she would be the mother for her).

Nectarine (I really should make that pseudonym shorter) is also metamorphosing;  going from a crying smelly lump, to an individual who looks at you while you talk to her, someone who can pull herself upright and sidle from one piece of furniture or large stable object to another (while looking at you to make sure you are watching), although her process of getting back down is simply to topple over like a tree being felled. For some reason, Mango can almost always make her laugh, even  when Mango is spouting seemingly random words (very loudly) inches away from her face.

Christmas seemed to be a success, with family coming over to participate in opening presents and sharing company. To make sure Mango didn’t feel pushed aside (due to the three babies present, all less than a year old), D made her the special helper in getting presents out from under the tree, as well as letting her help the young ones open their gifts. Chaotic, hectic, but fantastic.

Side note: D made an interactive Advent calendar for Mango. Every day in December she opened a small container which gave her a hint to the craft she and D would be doing together that day.

Life keeps changing. I can barely keep up. Already there is a new year and birthday pictures, but that is awaiting another post.

Side note – all pictures here are from last year (2011), even if it is tempting to put in newer images.

– October 1st

Not a bit fan of processed pureed food.

So that makes another 'no' for this pureed stuff, along with every other one so far

– October 11th

Prefers independence and messy food, hands, face, floor, etc.

– November 23rd

Winding down after another busy day

– December 12th

Sitting and scoping Signing Santa

– December 15th

A different Advent calendar

The calendar created by D above had Mango do something special –  (see Santa,etc.) or do a new craft with D – every day. She was so excited before the event and proud of it after. They stuck decals on windows, rode on a miniature train through a forest of lights, along with another 22 more things.

– December 24th

Only about a 90 year gap between youngest and oldest :0

I have always been indecisive, but it harder when there are so many good pictures/memories that I hate to throw so many away. Keeping up would be tiring and leave me little time as I am not a writer (well,I don’t always mind writing, but getting motivated to start instead of unwinding, to upload so many pictures from our camera, to scour them and add them relevantly to posts can be tiresome).

More to come involving our charming Nectarine and ‘helpful Mango…



  1. I LOVE the advent calendar idea. Love love love it. Tell D that she’s a genius (at inventing it or finding it). Counting down the days AND having a plan for keeping the little one occupied? Brilliant.

  2. Yeah I know. I sure would not have come up with anything as fun as that. You should have seen Mango’s face every day. She tried to con us each day into her needing to open just one more to check if something was there. She was so excited to show me what they had done each time when I came home from work. Practically dragged me into the living room. 🙂

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