Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 27, 2011


M – Our camera’s memory cards are not uploading to our computer, so we have no pictures between November 16th and December 23rd (and we only have those because we have pictures from another camera). Thus, the long gap between posts. Forgive me? So, a quick look at the time between Halloween and the middle of November is in order. After that, I suppose the next post should have holiday pictures…unless I wait until the memory card problem is figured out so we can add those few hundred pictures to the countless others we have saved on our computer. With those we could update our humble lives for those who chance upon our blog.

Can you pick out Mango and Nectarine?

Not a camera-shy youngster 🙂

A close-up? Can I be goofy this time?

Another one, even less shy and more curious. 🙂

Quit moving out of reach.

Speaking of which, Nectarine always seems to want to find out how things work. For example, when visiting family, she came across a Roomba (automatic vacuum cleaner). Not surprisingly, she wanted to see what the green light on the top of it did. When the machine started, she didn’t shy away, but chased it down instead. Even when it rolled over her arm (not harming her), she kept reaching for the light rather than hollering and crawling away as fast as her knees would take her.

Trying to figure out how the toy works.

Trying - unsuccessfully - to slow Nectarine down from leaving the living room

And Nectarine triumphs again!

Checking to see if D is ticklish

Just another day in suburbia.


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