Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 6, 2011

First and Waiting

M – All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) was the first time Mango actually went door-to-door (about 25 of them in total). Nectarine waited at home with D, protecting the candy.

Here are some pictures of them and more as we have now officially begun our years of freezing outside every October 31st (as per tradition). Guess who was out there with Mango this year? If you picked me, lucky guess.

A true princess is graceful - even beside a pumpkin

Which pumpkin is cuter?

On your mark, get set, go!

Trial run

Checking out her first Halloween

Her first real house call

The thing was, we taught Mango how to go trick or treating, so every at every house, she said ‘trick or treating’. She didn’t even care if anyone answered the door or not.

Also, as she is not a big candy fan (that’s changing fast already), we still have 2/3 of her spoils left.

One final question. Pumpkin or princess. Which is cuter?


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