Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | October 27, 2011

Changing seasons

M – The summer is rapidly – and erratically – tumbling into winter. While I am not fond of it, Mango is looking forward to playing outside in the snow with me very gleefully. D is morose about Nectarine and trying to squeeze in time out of the house without visiting the same malls over and over again. Sundays were tougher than other days (most place do not open until noon), but for now we have ger-nak-sticks (gym) in the mornings, which Mango absolutely loves. She even tried to sit in on the class of older children after her session was over (didn’t work).

Somehow, we are thinking that Nectarine may shimmy past the crawling phase entirely. Right now she drags herself across the floor, anchors a leg and slides a bit further. Oh, she also rolls a lot too. One theory (straight from a speech therapist) is that if she doesn’t crawl, her language may not develop as fully as it could. Guess we’ll see soon enough. As it is, she is transitioning to food quite nicely. For the nonce, broccoli seems to be her favourite (steamed) vegetables. As for the puree, she leans towards the ‘vegetable and chicken’ blend. Yum. A meat smoothie.

Anyway. Life moves and we all change. It is still amazing how different our two children are. Pretty much same environment and love, totally unalike. One example to illustrate. Mango ignored cords; Nectarine finds them anywhere in a room (even the hidden ones) and slides/rolls right for them.

While Mango tolerated the exersaucer/jumparoo/rocker, Nectarine much prefers to explore the underbelly of them.

How does this thing work?

Mango wanting to see what Nectarine finds so fascinating

Not bad for a non-crawler...

Ironically, Mango told me recently that when mommy says ‘it’s okay Nectarine’, she is actually telling her to be quiet. Still, Mango calls her ‘sweetie’ and wants to hug her frequently (still working on her not lying on top of Nectarine. till needs to work on her sharing skills though). D is establishing with her that when she takes a toy from Nectarine, she has to replace it with another one. It’s a start.

I am her BIG sister.

Very glad we seemed to have avoided the jealousy stage.

Quick calculation.

Born March 2011 = 8 months old. Almost coherently verbal

Born January 2009 = 2 years, 10 months old. Almost past the ‘terrible twos’

Side note. We still have lots of Fall and pumpkin pictures. Remind me to squeeze them in – hopefully soon. 🙂

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