Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 8, 2011

Rolling rolling rolling

M – Our lives keep moving. Not so fast we don’t enjoy it, but enough so that my posts are sparse. Not that it should be an excuse, but it is much harder taking pictures when there is another child to juggle.

Many interesting things happened. Nectarine digs the whole rolling over to get to whatever it is she wants to nibble on at that moment. She is starting this lovely barley cereal (all hers, nobody seems to want any); seeing as she has 2 teeth in for a while and is working on her 3rd. Those things HURT!. Mango just finished her 2nd day at preschool. I was informed she was dragged there kicking and screaming (after the new thrill of her 1st day had worn off) by D. Her teachers said she was an absolute delight (don’t they know praises do not equal more raises?) – she’ll be starting gymnastics on Sunday – when we went to the open house, she left there crying to go back in. Excited about her 1st day at ‘ger-nact-snicks’

No real fighting yet, still hugging, saying ‘it’s okay Nectarine’, mimicking D’s constant reassurance to Nectarine.

Good at being polite; thanking others, saying goodbye/hello (weaning her from I ‘need something to I ‘want something please.) Continues to be good at sharing with others at school/daycare.

She WAS lying peacefully on her back under the structure.

Started one quiet, sunny, peaceful afternoon. We hadn’t yet realized her speed-rolling (and inchworming) capability. No real valuables down there, but some magazine corners are all wet and gummy now.  Doesn’t go more than a few feet without a rest break though. Sitting up well (she’s actually stong enough to stand on her own [I tested]).

Head held high.

1st bath together. Nectarine outgrew the tabletop toddler one  while ago, so bathing time can be family time. 😉

This is fun!

Not too sure if barley is the taste for her

Ah, youth. Seems so long ago.

Happily, Mango seems to like to help Nectarine through guidance and smothering loving, even when we are not around (wink, wink).

I am SOO glad they do so well together. Right now they have adjacent rooms, which makes for interesting times. Often when ones wakes (crying), the 2nd chimes in a bit later (usually as the 1st one is just drifting off again). More hours of sleep deprivation for us (mostly D). I remember asking Mango one morning if Nectarine cried the night before (ergo making her night tiring too), she just said ‘yes’, as casually as talking about the weather. Sweet.

Scholastics begin.

Who is happy and who is sad?

Showing off her supplies

While told she has a backpack and a lunch box, she forcefully tells us they are HER backpack and HER lunch backpack.




  1. So sweeeeet!
    They’re growing up fast…I can hardly believe how much like a big girl M looks in her first day of school photos.

  2. Yeah. Sometimes it’s hard to remember she is not even 3 yet. Such a big little girl.

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