Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 23, 2011

Days of our lives.

M – Things change to fast to keep up with around here. Now if I worked fewer hours while getting paid more, I’d have no excuse to be so negligent of the blog. We are having conversations with Mango beyond those just requiring her to answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. She has an incredible imagination, if I could remember any of her interesting observations or stories she makes up, I would relate them here. Late thought: when mango puts on a hat, she declares herself to be a baseball cap.

Nectarine is also progressing beyond the baby stage with nary a glance goodbye. She sits (briefly), can support her own weight standing, rolls quite easily, watches everything you say to her quite intently – but is always ready to laugh/giggle whenever attention is paid to her.

Random (sort of) pictures taken from August-ish.

Happily visiting quasi-relatives.

The lady with their grandmother is a neighbour who was a source of joy for D when she was growing up.

No fear - of course.

Fortunately I did not have to make any derring-do rescue as I was in a city far away while D and Mango and Nectarine went to visit grandparents in another province.

Off examining another interesting bush.

Did you ever notice that children seem to find questions that can be very hard to answer in a way that is relatively true, simple enough to grasp, and answers the question? Remember, Mango just passed the 2 1/2 year mark.

'talking' to one another.

Thankfully everything is mostly good between our children and I cannot think of much in the way of complaints to add here.

Tell me more. Tell me everything...

Nectarine pausing in her efforts to skooch forward to listen and look intently at D.

Can I go again?

Unlike Mango, who hollered ’til she was purple in the face, Nectarine never stops smiling through her nightly bathing routine.

Having fun vs. passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Just have to give kudos to D. She takes care of both all day long (I don’t know if I could even handle one) … somehow. She is amazing. Work may be stressful, but at least the hour bus ride each way gives me time to breathe.


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