Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 12, 2011

Pity Party Past.

M – Feeling sick without sympathy makes it worse. What a waste of one of the two weeks I had. Even my parents skipped town. Had to actually function without familial support. Granted it was for only one of the weeks, but it felt very long.

I was very happy to be able to sleep, nice to watch TV with sound, etc. Last Sunday I was thinking how nice it was, going back to work on Monday; not for love of the job, but because the days starting feeling long and quiet. You know, I finally decided to play a console game, something that felt really strange. A far cry from watching a muted TV in the dark as per usual with D trying to get Nectarine to fall asleep in her playpen.

The space here seemed so big when the playpen was taken away. Wow. When N moves up to the crib, it’ll be nicer on the main floor; just hope our daughters don’t wake each other up.

Some days it is nice, some days I feel lonely/alone. When they are here, I think about squeezing free time in, when apart, I miss them and wonder how they are doing.

Some quiet bonding time

We meant her to throw pieces of crust to the ducks, not whole slices.

Mango loved how the ducks kept getting so close to her. She followed a mama and her ducklings around the edge of the pool, updating us on their progress constantly. It was funny to seem some struggle with pieces of bread bigger than they where. Non-stop smiling for our girls that day at the park.

Loving life already.

it's a cheerful cutie cuddle time!

An unscripted moment (of course, afterwards she told us she was laughing).

Well. I actually went out after work yesterday, which felt strange. Left for work around  7:15 a.m., got back 16 hours later. Haven’t done that sans family in years. Hmm… Working some numbers… 2 years, 7 months + 9 months + 5 months = 12+7+9+5=32 months, so almost 3 years since last time. There were some exceptions when I stayed at my parents for a night, but otherwise, I like staying home.

Not looking forward to not getting enough rest, but am looking forward to their pure smiles and open faces whenever I get met at the door by them after work.

Life is about trade offs. I am winning. 2 beautiful smart children, a wife I love dearly, supportive families (both sides). Wow. 😀



  1. So glad you found it all … very deserving you are

  2. You betcha, young lady. Does erase downtime though.

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