Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 27, 2011


M – Hard to keep up with our changing children, partially because Mango’s verbal improvements are hard to take pictures of and Nectarine does stuff when we are not camera-ready.

As I look and listen to our children, I am reminded how different they are from mere months ago. Mango talks in complete sentences. For example, today I asked her for a hug – just as D offered her a freezie. She stopped coming over for a hug and ran to the kitchen for her treat, but before she did that, she looked back and said to me “you can have a hug after Mango finishes her apple freezie, okay?”

Nectarine is more and more alert. She looks around constantly but not aimlessly. She definitely recognizes and focusses on the TV if it is on (bad parents, but we keep it to a minimum when she is awake.) She pulls herself up when you hold her arms. She looks at you when being talked to, even gurgles back occasionally She can also roll over (erratically) even though it also seems to take forever for Nectarine to roll over – when you are lying beside her with a camera. Just saying.

Our baby is getting close to the age where cereal is introduced, and our big girl is on the cusp of being a toddler.

Sneaking up ...

... and pouncing!

Our curious and unwavering girl.

Our (unusually) quiet and contemplative girl.

As our future slides into the present, so does our present fade into the past.

I miss them. 😦 Excited for the future though. 😉


  1. Such big girls.. just wait for the “helping out” and the “wanna do myself” that’s when you feel they are really accomplished.

  2. Yeah, Mango already wants to be first (going up stairs, going in the house, etc). She basically undresses/dresses herself and so much more.

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