Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 19, 2011

Love is in the air

M – These are a few of the things our Nectarine loves (in no particular order … probably).

You're so cute when you look at me that way...


Can I love Mango AND bubbles?

While Nectarine may not look duly impressed, it was hard enough for D to get a picture of bubbles, never mind one with the bubbles, Mango, and Nectarine. She WAS having fun though, just not when this picture was taken.

Opa is happy holding Nectarine, Oma is forced to watch.


Excited about the camera ... strap.

You always look so cheerful but never want to play with me. :(

Loved the 'Smiley Face' balloon so much, she is now on her 2nd one

Chillin' with daddio.

That happy face looks a bit like she is scared. Hope not. She’s known me all her life.


This one was just because she looked so cute and happy.

I love the whole world!


Until next time. 🙂




  1. Happy parents Happy babies!

  2. In that case, tired parents should make tired children also, but that is certainly not the case here.

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