Posted by: simplyscrambled | July 7, 2011

Canada Day – 44 in the shade.

M – One of the things I remember most about Canada Day is the sweltering heat. Made it up to 32 degrees celsius, although with everything factored in, it actually felt like 44 degrees. Crazy. Didn’t stop us from leaving the nice cool house though.

Riding the Steam Train at the A. Park. D, Mango, and Nectarine. If you don’t which is which, I suggest you go back a few posts. 😉

Toot toot!

We sorta had fun at the giant playground, but it really was too crowded … and HOT!

one stubborn girl insisted on wearing long pants and jacket - for a while

Lookit me, lookit me! I'm sitting way over herre!

Pictures of getting ready we have. Pictures of the meltdown after 2 hours in the sun we have. Maybe in the future, we’ll have them for you.

This is just a highlight of maybe 10 minutes of our 12+ hours in one our very busy days.




  1. Shoulda come out to the beach with us.. due to short rain showers before 10 the beach was practicaly deserted till 3ish.. and the water was COLD.

  2. Musta been nice. Not naming names, but some of us got a bit cranky that day.

  3. How did you know I got cranky lol…

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