Posted by: simplyscrambled | June 27, 2011

Sisters. United!

M – In Mango’s case, almost any time with Nectarine is loved. Whenever Nectarine starts to cry, Mango almost always says ‘that’s okay’, followed by hugging her. She has the ASL sign memorized (pinky, pointer, and thumb sticking out, sort of like a ‘U’ and an ‘L’ side-by-side.) *side note – from when I began this post to when I actually put in online, she went from none to one, to both hands saying ILU simultaneously (about 2 weeks).

She says to us ‘I love you … too’ (even before we tell her we love her).

However, this about sisterly love.

It's too early to sleep!

Pretending to sleep – Mango did not stay ‘asleep’ long enough to even catch her with both eyes closed.

Done in unison; without prompting.

Taking a rest break outside.

While they look a bit different now, both were born with really dark hair, and neither went bald (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 🙂

Sharing a doll with Nectarine.

She also tried sharing a puzzle with her, but I’ll save that for another post.

Giving Nectarine a gentle hug.

I don’t know how many times D had to teach and re-teach and remind Mango to be gentle to poor baby Nectarine. It’s working though, sometimes she even remembers to lie down beside her before hugging. Much safer.

😀 Love forever, no matter the cost.


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