Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 21, 2011


M – A family member who knows Mango quite well recently remarked that she is like a walking exclamation point. Thinking about it, I have to agree. She is. Everything she does is shared, usually with her voice getting raised towards the end of her sentence. Her comments usually end on a raised note, and everything is stated with loud conviction. Some examples are:

  • Mango is in the KITCHEN now!
  • Daddy, where ARE you?, Mango is LAUGHING! (insert burping, running, hiding, etc. in place of laughing)
  • Come and find me MOMMY!
  • Mango PEED! This excites her because she is kinda potty training, (as she runs to wherever the person who didn’t see it happened to be at).
  • Nectarine is CRYING!
  • Maybe Nectarine is HUNGRY!
  • Mango is … not happy 😦 *this is actually spoken in a subdued tone* (today she twisted it a bit. When I told her to get her pyjamas on, she said to me “Mango not happy with you.”)

Nothing laid-back with her. All systems at full speed until she drops for the night. One thing I will note about her is that she is mostly honest. When asked she will tell you if she is tired/hiding/happy/not happy/hungry/having to go potty/etc., etc.

Now, our midwife assured us that the second child is almost always the quiet one, as the first one continues to elbow his/her way to the centre of attention. While I noticed how relaxed Nectarine is, even when Mango is going full-bore around the house (running, giggling/laughing, screaming (when she gets surprised), singing (always loudly), if she doesn’t get enough individual interaction, she is sure to start squawking too.

Not to slight Nectarine, she is progressing well (although I forget what/when the age landmarks are.) In no real chronological order:

  • Rolling over (still rare)
  • smiling
  • sentences of babble
  • laughing

Time goes so fast! Help!


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