Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 14, 2011

Just an ordinary day

M – Our live are quite mundane. Sure, there are some posts here about more interesting things, but normally life is not quite like that. Basically our weekdays consist of:

  • M – up before others, go to work. Try to make it back for 4:00-4:30. Spend time with awake children around 3 – 4 hours. Sleep, repeat.
  • D – up throughout night as dictated by Nectarine. Take Mango to daycare 8:30-9:00. Feed, chores, feed. Pick up Mango, make supper, try to catch on rest, doze on couch. Sleep, repeat.
  • Mango – Wake up and find D around 7:30ish. Go to daycare, home around 4:30. Possibly playground (any outdoor activity). Eat, watch 15 min TV, get bed ready, watch another 15 min (usually last half of taped TV show). Sleep, repeat.
  • Nectarine – Wake up 7:00-8:00. Feed, spend time attached to D. Sleep, get diaper changed, eat, sleep. 7:30, evening sleep. Wake up whenever she wants. Repeat.

Remember, these are very loose guidelines. The reality is often much different.

Early morning - or night - or somewhere in-between

At that semi-stupor waking-up moment.

As I am taking the photos, unfortunately none were caught of my graceful transition from dead asleep to painfully awake. Darn.

Weekends are a bit different because none of the above really applies (aside from not getting enough sleep :))

So, here some pictures of a day outside:

Icy water ... but loving it regardless.

 I know the water was freezing. It made my hand numb just getting holding the leaky hose. Unfortunately, shortly after we got it all set up and the pool was tested, clouds came rushing in and it got positively chilly with the wind there. 😦

Lest you forget, Nectarine was there too. After all, it was just our front yard.


Protecting the house.

Looks like she can already raise one eyebrow by itself. I know. Amazing, isn’t it? 😉

Being so low to the ground did not stop Nectarine from enjoying the sun. However, after our time on the lawn, Nectarine was ready to go in. Mango was not. She and I spent most of the afternoon exploring the neighbourhood.

Looking for the best 'white flower'.

 ‘White flowers’ are more commonly known as dandelions. She loves them, which I figure is a lot better than taking other flowers people planted (besides, her ‘flowers’ grow almost anywhere).

So this is how you climb.

 She may have loved climbing that thing, but those rungs seemed really far apart to me. To make it worse, she stood on the last rung (still holding one side of the ‘u’) and jumped across to the platform where the slides were.

Why are the rungs so far apart? I hope I reach before I slip...

 To spare others with children, I will not show you hanging on the monkey bars, where she supported her weight without me even touching her. Besides, I was too busy keeping my arms under her (ignoring her protests) to step away long enough to get a picture. Maybe next time, if D is there. I skinned a knee and had it swell enough to make it hurt. It still hurts almost a week later. She was oblivious to my heroics (it involved going down a slide, leaping another partway down, diving and rolling to catch Mango before she slipped on the gravel), thinking she was doing everything -safely- herself.

No picky eaters, after a day outdoors.

 As you may have guessed, from left to right, they are Mango, Nectarine, and D.

Sleeping in D's arms.

It's easier to relax when you have spare 'suckies' in reach.

Sleep well, wee ones.



  1. Looks like a madhouse just like our house.. Including suckies. Lol

  2. great post, loved all of the pictures and reading about your routines. i laughed when i read about your playground heroics. i remember how nerve wracking it was when adventurous toddlers scaled those heights. i also remember julia falling from the monkey bars and breaking her arm when she was 4 (and i wasn’t underneath her to prevent that from happening…..i was across the field taking action shots of theo playing soccer). same kid also got a skull fracture taking a nose dive from her high chair aged 8 months (those seat belts are there for a reason). sigh. thankfully she survived (and dug around for and found and brought the CT scans from her ER visit after the nosedive for show and tell at school last week….luckily CFS didn’t get involved back then, either).

  3. Suckies are essential. Comforts are important at any age, and at least hers are pretty basic for now.

  4. Thanks Burro. I remember some girl slipping off monkey bars while hanging upside-down. Hit her head on the concrete below and blacked out (this was many years ago). Probably got a concussion.
    As for the nosedive, it makes for a good story NOW, but I’m sure it was utter panic THEN.

  5. Love the outdoors photos! You would never know its that cold:-) I have to say the mundane life of a happy family sounds just great to me!

  6. True enough Tanya. As much as I may moan, I know we have absolutely nothing to complain about. Healthy and happy. Good stuff indeed. 🙂

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