Posted by: simplyscrambled | June 2, 2011

Trading places

M – That was a somewhat facetious comment, as I dislike having my picture taken. However, as I am often participating in our ‘big girl’ Mango’s activities, it causes me to miss great picture-taking opportunities. It is hard to play and photograph it, as it is also hard to catch Nectarine – not because of her speed, but because I am used as a distraction for Mango. Besides, it is too dark to get nice pix of our baby after we finally get Mango to bed. The days seem shorter and shorter. However I did manage to get a few, as did D [with me in them – although I refuse to use more than one in this post] :|.

What's that stuff in the air? How does water fall from the sky?

 Just so you know, I took that picture of Nectarine. Lucky shot.

Here is our Mango, practicing her teenager pose.

Just chillin'

 I don’t like pictures of me here (or anywhere), but as D has been in some, I thought it only fair. Ignore me, look at the baby.

Actually almost asleep in MY arms for a change

 In my defense, the picture was taken after a long day at work.

Good thing we went to O’s birthday celebration a couple of weekends ago. He shared a balloon and Nectarine still loves it. Loves it. I wonder if he enjoyed them as much as she did (and still does)?

That balloon is always so happy and smiley.

 She is more than content to stare at that balloon (as D moves it around) for hours every day.

So, our lives move on, whether I catch the moment or not.



  1. If you’re wanting another balloon like that (when this one finally dies) – they’re 2 bucks at the dollar store.

  2. Toys come from unexpected places, don’t they? D asked me to ask O and when we got a visit recently, it was a nice surprise to get another (different design though).

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